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Chapter 114 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

“The Child of Gluttony was too greedy. That was his downfall.”

“Ah, so you were the one who deducted points from Samuel’s score, Senior?”

“To be precise, he was the one who ruined his own score.”

Ares recalled the weapons skills test.

After he and Adel had finished their tests, Samuel had suddenly approached him and said,

“I want to fight using daggers.”

There were often students who, unable to demonstrate their true abilities during the initial test, would request a retake.

Whenever that happened, Ares would grant their request.

However, they had to retake the test that very day. He wouldn’t allow it otherwise.


Ares refused Samuel’s request immediately.

Because Samuel had already received a perfect score.

However, Samuel wouldn’t back down and insisted on sparring against Ares with daggers.

However, Samuel’s physical abilities were lacking, and he was ultimately defeated.

Even so, his determination and tenacity, pushing forward even as he coughed up blood, had impressed even Ares.

However, the truth was that his performance was inferior to his first attempt, so Ares had tried to let it slide.

“…Please judge me by the same standards as him.”

Those were the only words Samuel left behind before turning away.

Ares understood Samuel’s feelings and felt it was a request worthy of respect, so he granted his wish.

As a result, despite achieving perfect scores in theory, practical, and magic, Samuel was unable to claim first place.

And Adel had achieved perfect scores in theory, practical, and magic.

None of the instructors objected.

Adel deserved those perfect scores.

While his power might be inferior to Diana and Baltan’s, those two were simply monsters.

So what about Fron?

‘…I don’t understand why she’s so reluctant to fight in front of the other students.’

Fron, who had been soundly defeated by Ares during the first test.

She had only approached him after all the other students had left.

And then, she requested to be evaluated not as a student with support abilities, but by the same standards as those specializing in combat.

At first, he thought she was crazy.


The moment he witnessed the ‘swordsmanship’ Fron unleashed…

Ares had no choice but to give her a perfect score.

Her swordsmanship was,

The epitome of beauty.

Her skill was on par with the other Children of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It was baffling why she would hide her true abilities.

“Well, anyway.”

Just as Ares was about to bring up the topic of Adel, a loud voice from behind made him turn his head.

It was Hebram, the oldest of the instructors, who had shouted.

“That brat is making a mockery of my theory exam!”

Hebram, the theory instructor, was starting to lose his temper again.

Here we go again…

Ares sighed inwardly and tried to calm Hebram down.

“Please, calm down.”

“Calm down? How can I possibly calm down?! In all my seventy years, I’ve never seen anyone intentionally get answers wrong on an exam!”


Ares understood Hebram’s feelings, so he chose to remain silent.

Hebram’s theory exams were notoriously difficult.

‘I don’t want anyone solving the problems I’ve meticulously crafted with ease.’

With that as his justification, he would include questions that required specialized knowledge to solve.

That was why Baltan and Diana, who had both received perfect scores in all other subjects, like Samuel, couldn’t achieve a perfect score in theory.

And that was also the reason why no one had ever achieved a perfect score in his class before.


“He solved all the problems I told him not to solve, but got all the ones I told him to solve wrong!”


Ares sighed in frustration.

Adel had perfectly solved the problems related to ‘Humans,’ problems that even he, as an instructor, found difficult.

That alone was enough to earn Hebram’s admiration.

But Adel had gotten all the basic questions wrong.

Questions that any Demon should know.

He had marked incorrect answers for questions that he would have known if he hadn’t been sleeping through class.

It made Hebram think Adel was doing it on purpose.

As a result, Adel received deductions in his theory exam and was unable to secure first place.

As Hebram continued to vent his anger,

“Ah, I get it.”

Idea raised her hand slightly.

Hebram’s furious gaze fell upon her.

Idea winced and said,

“Um, maybe he doesn’t want to be the first place?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Think about it. If he gets first place, he’ll get a lot of attention from the other students, and Baltan won’t leave him alone.”

Come to think of it, she had a point.

Baltan had been constantly pestering Adel, who was weaker than him, for a spar.

And they had all witnessed Adel’s displeasure at receiving so much unwanted attention.

In reality,

Baltan’s attention had shifted from Adel to Fron.

In the first place, apart from a small amount of financial support, there were no real benefits to being in the first place.

So it was highly probable that Adel saw no benefit in it.

However, Idea’s words only served to further enrage Hebram.

“What? To think he would make a mockery of my exam for such a trivial reason…!”

“Calm down. At least we have a perfect scorer in our class.”


Hebram let out a sigh at Idea’s consolation.

Then, he opened his mouth and said,

“That one is even more troublesome!”


“How can someone who sleeps through class get a perfect score? She must have cheated!”


Hebram gritted his teeth as he thought of Fron and Adel.

To him, they were the two biggest troublemakers in Sytan.

And among them, Fron was the worst.

“To think she would not only sleep during class but also cheat to get a perfect score…!”

“Please, calm down.”

“C-Calm down…!”

…And so, Idea and Ares had to work hard to soothe Hebram’s rage.

* * *

Meanwhile, while Adel was busy appeasing Samuel.

As Adel’s training came to a successful end, Fron approached, scratching her ear.


“What’s wrong?”

“…I feel like some bastard is badmouthing me.”

“It’s probably your imagination.”

“Is it?”

Fron muttered, looking unconvinced.

Unaware that there was indeed an instructor who was directing his burning rage at her…

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