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Chapter 115 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Inside the training room.

I was still trying to placate Samuel.

“Shouldn’t you be over it by now?”

[Don’t talk to me.]

Samuel’s voice was stiff.

I couldn’t help but retort, feeling wronged myself.

“This training could’ve gotten me killed, you know? How could I have possibly trusted you so easily?”

[Ha! You think I, residing within your very being, wouldn’t have known? I only initiated this training after careful consideration and judgment.]



He had a point.

Samuel had imparted this training method at my request.

I knew it wasn’t an opportunity easily obtained.

Thanks to Samuel’s training, I had grown significantly stronger.

I opened my status window.

【 Mana Manipulation II 】

As soon as the first stage was completed, I saw that my Mana Manipulation skill had leveled up.

Despite my constant use of Mana, this skill hadn’t budged.

However, the moment Samuel’s training reached its first milestone, it had advanced.

Thanks to that,


As I gently circulated my Mana, I felt a faster and more detailed flow than before.

Instead of pouring a massive amount of Mana into my Traits, I could now easily activate them and execute skills with just a fraction of the effort.

If I were to complete Samuel’s entire training regimen, I would undoubtedly achieve even greater growth.

No elixir could ever compare to the potential of this training.

And yet, I had dared to doubt him…

Embarrassed and apologetic, I lowered my gaze.

[…Tsk, just forget it.]

Samuel’s reply followed.

It seemed he wasn’t entirely over it, but he was willing to let it slide this time.

Well then.

“Let’s try using the skill.”

I rose from my spot.

My wounds had completely healed.

It seemed like I was good to go.

Luna, her face etched with worry, asked,

“A-Are you sure? It hasn’t been long since you healed…”

“Don’t worry, I’m confident I can handle it now.”

I reassured Luna.

I was certain.

I was sure that I wouldn’t get hurt even if I used the new skill now.

A while ago,

I had created a new technique by applying the principles behind the Orb of the Flame Emperor.

‘Black Rose.’

Although it wasn’t recognized as a Trait, its destructive power was comparable to an attack infused with Fighting Spirit.

It was an ability I could confidently call my trump card.

When I first learned it, it put a tremendous strain on my hand, but…

Now, it felt like I could control it perfectly.


I drew upon my Mana to its very limits.

Manifesting my Darkness Trait within a vortex of Mana, I began to give it form.

‘…It feels so much more refined.’

Before, it had been nothing more than forcefully compressing Mana.

But now, it was entirely different.

I used Mana Manipulation to regulate the vortex, and where it was lacking, I applied my Telekinesis to compensate.



A small, black vortex materialized above my hand.

Of course, there was no stopping the wind from lashing at my skin, but even that was a welcome sensation.

If I had tried to use Black Rose like this before, my hand would have been shattered.

As the black vortex stabilized, I instructed Fron and Luna to step back.

“Everyone, get back.”

Once they had moved away,

I slammed the small vortex,


Into the ground.

And then,


A giant, spiderweb-like crack spread across the floor as a black gale erupted, echoing throughout the training room.

As the vortex subsided,


The Black Rose bloomed, unleashing another wave of devastating power.

The completion of my new technique.

I felt as if I could fly.

I had successfully created a powerful technique without any drawbacks, unlike Absolute Stealth.

‘The only downside is that it consumes too much Mana.’

It wasn’t a big deal.

I could always replenish my Mana using Adel’s Mana technique.

Besides, I could reduce the output to conserve Mana if needed.

There were plenty of solutions.

As I basked in my accomplishment, Samuel’s voice, laced with admiration, reached my ears.

[Not bad.]

“You think so too, Mr. Samuel?”

[Indeed. You’ll reach that level soon enough. At this rate, you might even become stronger faster by mastering magic than dagger skills.]

What level was he talking about?

Come to think of it,

Just like Swordsmanship’s Sword Lacquer or Fighting Spirit, magic must also have its own levels of mastery.

I was well-versed in the standards that classified Human mages, but I was clueless about the criteria for Demon mages according to Samuel.

It was only the first semester, and Robolt hadn’t yet taught us everything about Demon magic.

As I was about to ask him about it,

“Wow, that’s amazing…!”

Luna came running towards me, cheering.

“You recognize its greatness too, Luna?”

“Yes, it’s amazing!”


Samuel clicked his tongue.

As I was about to tell Samuel about the student who had caught his eye, I felt a gaze upon me and turned my head.


It was none other than Fron who was looking at me with that peculiar expression.

Her face was a mixture of guilt and regret.


Why was she making that face?

As I tilted my head in confusion,

“Well, it’s only natural that you’d be able to do that much. But it’s still far too inadequate to even dream of surpassing me!”

Fron suddenly exclaimed.

Taken aback, I could only stare at her in bewilderment.

The emotions that had flickered across her face moments ago had vanished without a trace.

Could it be…

Did I imagine it?

Fron wouldn’t make those kinds of expressions.

Maybe I was just seeing things because I was pushing myself too hard lately.

As I was shaking my head,

“Strive harder, slave…!”

Fron pointed at me accusingly, leaving me speechless.

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