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Chapter 181 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Towards the Fragment (2)

Frondier safely pierced through the devil's wall and headed towards the other side.

Soon, he found a path that was easy to pass through after cutting through the trees and bushes. It was the same path that the previous Roach knights had tracked to find the stronghold.


While walking along the slightly elevated slopes on both sides of the road, Selena spoke up.

"Even if the fragments of Helheim were there from the beginning beyond the barrier of Yeranhes, it doesn't seem like a coincidence that a black monsters appeared just when you arrived here, Frondier. Not only that, there seems to be a peculiar intention in the devil's military power in this barrier battle."


"It seems like you predicted that and gave me instructions, Frondier.

Sharp words from Selena. Frondier did not respond. Maybe she had already noticed, regardless of the answer he would give.

"The ability to create black monsterss from the fragments, and the power to control all those tremendous devil forces."


Selena's calm voice deepened behind Frondier.

"...The gods have intervened."

"That's right."

"Right now, we are heading towards the fragments of Helheim where the gods have intervened."


Frondier's reply was as composed as Selena's. After hearing that, Selena remained silent for a while.

Frondier asked, "Are you afraid?"


"The fact that I came here and the black monsters appeared from the fragments at the same time. This is no coincidence. The gods surely are aware of me and have intervened in the fragments of Helheim. Even my coming here might be part of the gods' trap."

Frondier thought that it had been tough to come this far, but it seemed to have been resolved well.

Thus, he was concerned about how far the gods had prepared.

"It's definitely not a complete descent."

If any deity had truly succeeded in manifesting themselves using the reverence of fragments and demons, they wouldn't have moved so intricately.

If Frondier was displeasing, it would be easy to simply kill him then and there.

However, they haven't done so. Meaning, although they've intervened, they cannot move as freely as they wish.

What's important then is what happens after reaching the fragment. Surely, something has been set up there.

"If I fall into a trap, there's a chance you could get dragged into it too. No, given that you're helping me, the deity might plan to kill us both. That would be scary, wouldn't it?"

Frondier said this, yet he couldn't understand his own intentions. Why was he saying this to Selena?

To safely reach the fragment, Selena's near-perfect close combat skills were absolutely necessary. So, it would have been better to keep quiet and not scare her unnecessarily.

...Yet, did he still want to say it?

I'm putting you in danger. Even so, will you help me?

Did Frondier want to hear a 'yes' to such a question? There's a limit to being shameless.

"......The escort,"

Just then, Selena, who seemed to be contemplating, spoke up.

"I don't worry about 'getting dragged into' the dangers of the person I must protect. It's part of the job."

At those words, Frondier bowed his head. He felt something akin to admiration for Selena.

It's odd to say now, but Selena is not Frondier's escort. The escort is merely a formal position Frondier used when introducing Selena.

Surely, Selena hasn't forgotten that. She just decided to answer that way now.

"And my worries are completely elsewhere."


"Have you forgotten? Mr. Frondier, you said you would let me meet my family. You would let me know my lineage, who I am."

Selena had not known who she was until she met Frondier. She had completely lost her memory.

Selena de Barnier. Despite everything, the name of the Barnier family's daughter evoked a sense of déjà vu in her. That's why she trusted Frondier.

"That's right."

Frondier nodded. He had neither forgotten nor overlooked his promise to Selena.

However, he couldn't introduce Selena to the Barnier family just yet.

Given Selena's importance to Manggot, it was highly likely that the Barnier family had been tampered with by Manggot as well.

He could not allow Selena to meet her family under any circumstances.

In other words, Selena could meet her family only after Manggot was dealt with.

Of course, he couldn't tell Selena this. She was, technically, a person of Manggot, and she hadn't fully decided to side with Frondier.

"So, it would be problematic if you died. At least before you keep your promise to me. Why else would I protect you, Mr. Frondier?"


"Don't mistake yourself as being important to me."

A phrase Selena had once said to Frondier. Although her voice was deliberately cold, just as it had been then, Selena added one more thing.

"You must not die."


As Frondier responded, he felt his thoughts clarifying.

This was the appropriate level of relationship with Selena. Each had something the other wanted, and therefore they cooperated, without the need for unnecessary thoughts or feelings at the moment.


'When can I tell her that?'

There was something Frondier hadn't told Selena.

That Manggot had killed her father.

Would the day come when Frondier would have to convey this fact himself? That was the only thing left on Frondier's mind.

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