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Chapter 181 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Frondier and Selena emerged from the forest onto a narrow path.

However, they soon had no choice but to stop.

In front of them was a sheer cliff.

"It really is a good path for an ambush."

"Exactly. If the enemy flees due to an ambush, that's that. If they try to force their way through, we lead them to this cliff."

Frondier and Selena had come this far riding only a single horse, but normally, like the Roach Knight Order, a large cavalry would be expected. It wouldn’t be easy for the riders to stop immediately upon discovering the cliff.

If the lead stopped at the cliff, those behind couldn't stop, resulting in them being pushed off the cliff all at once.

Even if that didn’t happen, being backed against a cliff meant facing the ambushing monsters would require being prepared for death.

"But it's not like we've come the wrong way. Look over there."

Frondier saw a great plain at the end of the forest, beyond the cliff.

Their expressions hardened. Cassian, the horse they were riding, seemed tense too, stomping its hooves on the innocent ground.

They discovered it.

A giant glacier floating above the plain, filled with something black.

"That's a fragment of Helheim."

This place, further north than Yeranhes, even if it's called a plain. The ground was completely frozen, and the forest was full of thorn bushes that could somewhat withstand the winter.

And filling their view, a massive horde of monsters.

"It's tremendous. Not just in number, but the quality of the monsters gathered on that glacier is superior."

"They said they worship it, and it really looks like that."

Astonishingly, all the monsters were kneeling around the glacier, bowing their heads. Whether they stood on two legs or four, it was the same.

"If all these monsters had participated in the barrier battle, it would have been dangerous."

“On the contrary, for a god to exert its power in this world, a monster’s offering of that magnitude would be necessary.”

If the monsters were to participate in the battle of the ramparts, the offering would weaken, and the god’s command wouldn’t reach them. Then everything would truly be over.

Perhaps the enormous horde was the ‘minimum’ number of followers the god needed to use its powers.

“But there are no monsters coming this way. In fact, I was somewhat prepared for it.”

“I was worried about that too, but it seems like they can’t even if they wanted to. This path may be perfect for ambushes, but it’s not a place where monsters can move in large numbers.”

Furthermore, they’d have to scale this cliff, which would be incredibly difficult.

There’s no such thing as terrain that’s advantageous only to your side. If the situation or the war situation changes, terrain that seemed favorable to your army could suddenly turn against you.

Unless an ambush had been specifically prepared, monsters would have a hard time getting here.

“Then what should we do? Even if they’re distracted by the offering, they’re still a formidable force. Can we really get past that horde and reach the fragments?”

“This is a cliff, and we’re at a higher position, so we might as well take advantage of it. If we activate Menosorpo now, we can quickly fly all the way to the fragments.”

“I see flying monsters too. Some of them might be able to attack us from a distance.”

“A monster can’t fly without wings. To deal with a sudden intrusion, it has to flap those wings to prepare itself. It’ll be somewhat dangerous, but we’ll have to take that risk.”

Frondier took a deep breath. He seemed tense as his mouth was shut tight. Selena briefly looked at him with a puzzled expression before grabbing Frondier’s sleeve, who was about to move.

“What is it, Selena?”

“……Surely not.”

“Surely not what?”

“You’re not planning to go alone, are you?”

Frondier looked at Selena upon her words.

Selena shot a quiet glare at Frondier, seemingly genuinely upset.

“……You’re too heavy to carry and fly, Selena.”

“Don’t think you can dismiss me like that. It’s too obvious that you’re trying to go alone.”

Frondier tried to pull his sleeve away gently, but it was no use. Not only was Selena’s strength far greater than his, but she was yanking on it so hard that the clothes were beginning to tear.

“I’m your escort, yet you don’t trust me at the most crucial moment?”


“Whether it’s something flying or something that attacks us from afar, I’ll take care of the small stuff before we reach the fragments.”

Selena’s voice was calm yet firm. Frondier shut his eyes at the sight of it.

Of course, Selena would be a great help until they reached the fragments. Frondier wasn’t doubting Selena’s ability. He also didn’t think that Selena would be harmed by a beast’s attack.

However, Frondier felt creeped out by the fragments. He had felt a very unpleasant sensation when absorbing the black monsters, but this gigantic iceberg was like an even greater concentration of that energy.

Moreover, he was almost 100% certain that the god had done something there.

In that case, Frondier wouldn’t be able to guarantee Selena’s safety. It was obvious that she would get swept up in it if she was right beside him.

What to do? Should he trust Selena and fly there together? Or should he somehow shake her off and charge in alone?

Frondier’s worry deepened. Then, just at that moment—

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!

Frondier and Selena perked up their ears at the familiar sound.

From the opposite direction, a group on horseback was seen heading towards the fragment.

All of them were dressed in jet-black robes that hid their appearances, but they were unmistakably humans.

The group of mounted humans was vigorously advancing towards the fragment in Helheim.

Right now, Sylvain or the Order of Roach, who should be busy with the battle at the barrier, would be unable to come here after confirming Frondier’s intrusion.

Enfer as well. Not even a single one of them could spare any manpower to spend here.

In other words, they were not Yeranhes’ troops.

‘…That woman.’

Among the dimly-seen faces through the gaps of their robes, Frondier discovered a familiar visage.

The woman he had shared a deep connection and conversation with not too long ago entered his sight.

Laurie. Her bright blonde hair and facial features were too difficult to hide with robes.

In other words,

“Looks like they’re imperial secret agents.”

Even if he didn’t know what information Laurie had relayed to the secret agents, some of the secret agents had decided to enter the fragment.

Serena asked, having silently observed them.

“…Are you going to help them?”

Although it was unknown how skilled the secret agents were, it wouldn’t be easy for them to pierce through the monsters and reach the fragment with their current numbers.

To begin with, the secret agents were trained to throw away their lives for the empire’s benefit.

The group currently advancing probably only intended to destroy the fragment by about 30%, and they were fully prepared to die. Their lives could be taken that lightly.

Knowing this, Frondier replied.

“Why would I?”


After briefly examining the path the imperial secret agents were taking to the fragment and the entire battlefield, Frondier spoke again.

“It’s not like I wouldn’t take advantage of them, though.”

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