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Chapter 182 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Towards the Fragment (3)

With a hardened expression, Laurie advanced. She had anticipated this outcome to some extent when delivering her report.

“Confirm whether the glacier is accessible and destructible.”

Those were the Empire's instructions. And under the guise of assistance, they had dispatched personnel from the secret agency.

In reality, it was no different than sending them to their deaths.

"There's no need to destroy it. We just need to attack the glacier once and retreat immediately," Laurie said to those riding alongside her, making it sound like a simple task.

However, she knew the truth. Even if they managed to break through the wall of monsters and strike the glacier, the moment they did, every monster would turn on them in unison.

They couldn't hope to escape unscathed after venturing so deep into the heart of the enemy.

"This is what it means to work for the secret agency. You were prepared for this, weren't you?"

The leader's voice was calm. Everyone, including Laurie and the leader, understood the implications of this operation.

This was the life of the secret agency members. They did whatever it took for the Empire's benefit. This principle applied not only to enemies but also to allies.

The secret agency had deemed the glacier discovered in the northwest of the continent a top-tier threat and sent them to assess it.

If Laurie and her team failed, they would simply send another group, and another after that. In essence, they were bait thrown to gauge the danger and strength of the enemy.

"All for the glory of the Empire."

"For the glory of the Empire."

Everyone echoed the leader's chant. Their voices were not loud. This single phrase was not a battle cry to boost morale but rather a form of self-hypnosis.

"Laurie, your ability is crucial. Use your hypnosis on any dangerous monsters that detect and approach us. I leave it to your judgment to determine which monsters pose a threat. They don't necessarily have to be the black ones."

"Yes, understood."

They rode in a circle around the outskirts of the monster horde. A few monsters noticed them, but most were preoccupied with worshiping the fragment.

The leader observed the monsters' positions from the outside, searching for the most likely opening.

"—From here, we turn left. Once we approach the glacier, we'll split into three directions. I'll give the signal."


"Let's go!"

With the leader's declaration, the reins of the horses were pulled in unison. They made a sharp left turn and charged towards the glacier.



Several monsters noticed their approach and naturally moved to block the secret agency's advance.

*Tatatat!* The faster ones were the first to converge on them. Personnel on the flanks of the unit moved to intercept, wielding swords and thrusting spears at the monsters.

Meanwhile, Laurie tirelessly scanned her surroundings, searching for targets for her hypnosis.

Her ability was exceptionally effective, capable of ensnaring almost any monster, but the stronger ones drained her mental energy significantly, especially in large numbers.

Therefore, it was better to use it on truly dangerous monsters rather than on

any random one.

No matter what, she could hypnotize at least one. There had never been an exception.

'...Except for Frondier.'

Usually, when she hypnotized a powerful opponent, Laurie could gauge their strength based on the amount of mental energy it required.

However, with Frondier, she felt nothing. So initially, she thought it had worked. She assumed he was a weakling who barely required any mental effort.

But the reality was the opposite. It hadn't worked at all. Laurie's mental energy remained undepleted, and Frondier was completely unaffected. It was as if the hypnosis had simply 'missed'.

Could it be that such a thing would happen again, even with a monster? The thought terrified Laurie.


The leader shouted, and with that, the secret agency split into three groups, spreading out like wings.

Not all of them needed to survive. They just needed one person to assess the glacier's strength and return alive.

From that perspective, Laurie, with her ability to hypnotize, had the highest chance. That's why the leader and the others were desperately protecting her.

Laurie, part of the leader's group, charged towards the glacier while the two wings on either side split left and right, drawing the monsters' attention.

However, there was something they didn't know.


Their strategy of dividing into three groups to distract the monsters only worked for a brief moment. The monsters quickly realized their intentions.

Monsters swarmed towards Laurie's group, who were heading straight for the glacier in a single line.

The secret agency members had a superficial understanding of the outer monsters.

They were unaware of the difference between the monsters just beyond the barrier and those deeper within.

If they employed the same tactics they used against ordinary monsters, they would be the ones falling for a trick. Only tactics capable of deceiving humans could deceive the outer monsters.

"Co, come back! Come back!"

The leader shouted urgently. Even without his command, the scattered groups changed course.

But that was a mistake. The two wings that had abruptly changed direction were already losing formation.

At that moment, the monsters, which were supposed to attack only Laurie's group, pounced on the units that had split to the sides.

"Ugh, uwaaaak!"


The legs of the horses were severed by the teeth of the crawling monsters. Human necks were ripped apart, and torsos were sliced off by those attacking from above.

Humans swung swords and clubs, but amidst the countless shadows of attacking monsters, they couldn't distinguish friend from foe.

If they had fought like madmen, solely focused on their own survival, they might have taken down a few enemies with them.

But their concern for their comrades prevented them from swinging freely, and they fell to the ground alongside their allies.

They were trampled by the monsters' feet, teeth, and clubs, their bones breaking until their skulls were crushed.


Laurie's eyes flashed. She couldn't bear to watch the carnage unfolding on the two wings.

She selected the strongest-looking monsters among those attacking the humans and hypnotized them. Soon, a bizarre scene unfolded where monsters began devouring each other.

"Laurie! Conserve your strength!"

The leader shouted upon witnessing this. However, Laurie kept her lips tightly sealed and didn't respond.

"Laurie! Don't forget, we're all destined to die! If we fulfill the orders from above, that's enough!"

"...Even so! Not everyone wanted to die a meaningless death like this!"

"If you complete the mission and return, it won't be a meaningless death! Laurie!"

Just as they were fiercely clashing opinions without an inch of compromise,

"Le, leader! It's coming from the right!"

One of the members on the leader's right side shouted.

This time, creatures resembling wild dogs were approaching them. They were faster than the previous monsters and disorienting to the human eye.

If they were attacked here, Laurie's main unit would be instantly overwhelmed.


Laurie stretched out a hand. Her hypnosis reached the dogs, but it wasn't enough for all of them.

A few bit into nearby wild dogs and collapsed together, but most of them continued their charge without losing speed.

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