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Chapter 192 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Aten approached the collapsed Jacob and checked his physical condition using a healer's technique.

"He hit him without mercy."

Aten's diagnosis was quick. Concussion due to a strong impact on the back of the head, resulting in unconsciousness. He's not dead, but there will be quite a few aftereffects.

"...Did you see it? How he hit him."

"Just for a moment. Something appeared behind that person."

It looked like a hammer at a glance. Sybil spoke in an uncertain voice. What she saw was definitely a hammer, but the idea of such a thing appearing in mid-air was too bizarre, and the stereotype of "hit in the back of the head and fainted = hammer" felt like it had created the image.

"...The Mana flow is strange."

While Aten was checking his physical condition, Elodie checked Jacob's Mana. From the moment he imbued his voice with aura, she thought he was quite a strong individual, but upon actually checking, she tilted her head in confusion.

"The Mana is colliding with each other. To put it simply, it seems like the collision is causing him to emit stronger magical power."

"Colliding...? Can you collide your own Mana within your body?"

Sybil asked. Elodie shook her head.

"No. It seems like the Mana was forcibly injected. In this case, he would usually rupture or go crazy and die, but somehow he didn't go that far."

From Elodie's perspective, Jacob was somewhat agitated, but his physical condition didn't seem dangerous. Whoever injected it must be skilled in such manipulation.

"There are traces of bloodshot eyes. Another type of Mana is particularly noticeable. And there's a small hole-like mark on his forearm."

"...A small hole, you don't mean..."

Feeling a chill, Elodie spoke, and Aten nodded.

"Yes. It looks like a needle mark."

"They turned Mana into a liquid and injected it?"

If that's true, then this is beyond the realm of magic. It's the realm of technology and medicine. An inexplicable sense of discomfort arose, and Elodie and Aten's expressions turned grim.

"...But then..."

Sybil, who had been listening silently, spoke up.

"This person, he was carrying Mana that wasn't his own inside his body, right? That's why he was able to emit such a strong aura."

"Yes, that's right."

"Then the aura he emitted when he shouted earlier, wasn't it unintentional?"


Elodie exclaimed at Sybil's speculation.

That's right. He wasn't capable of possessing such aura, so they injected him with Mana. In other words, it's highly likely that he had never used aura before.

So, rather than intentionally using aura to speak, his voice was imbued with aura regardless of what he said.

"But we didn't know he had aura inside him until he spoke, right? That's because he kept his mouth shut until he committed the crime, which means..."

Sybil's reasoning slowly progressed. Elodie and Aten read the conclusion and nodded.

"...He knew from the beginning what effect it would have if Mana was injected into him."

"This isn't the first time someone has had Mana injected into them, and in the first place, this man named Jacob did it voluntarily."

This isn't something an individual or a small group can do.

The facilities to turn Mana into a liquid, the medical knowledge to inject it into others without side effects, the technology and ability to replicate it.


Elodie spoke as if to cut off the ominous train of thought.

"This is beyond our scope. The police will come, and if it's a serious issue, it will reach Constel as well. Then, we might have something to do, but not now."

The two nodded at Elodie's words.

However, Aten, the princess, seemed to have something on her mind.

"...I think I need to have a chat with Mother after a long time."

Elodie smiled wryly, as it was a matter she couldn't stop.

The fact that Frondier and Selena were on a date had already been forgotten by them.


A few days later, at Constel.

News reached the freshmen who were just starting to adjust to the atmosphere of Constel.

A test to assess the first-year students' skills was going to be conducted.

The test would be conducted by their seniors, the second-year students, and the eyes of the freshmen who heard this news sparkled.

There are so many famous people among the current second-year students at Constel.

The second-year students who would conduct the test were carefully selected from each class, but the number of students per class was not equal.

As a result, many students from Class 1 were chosen, which further excited the first-year students.

'Aster Evans...! To that Aster!'

Dier Aiger, a freshman this year, was one of those students.

After checking the skill test announcement on the school bulletin board, Dier clenched his fists.

He had heard of Aster's fame even before entering Constel and had followed in his footsteps with strong admiration. He became a swordsman like him and watched almost all of Aster's activities at Constel.

'...But will I be able to meet him?'

The skill test is conducted for all first-year students, but the number of second-year students is limited.

Therefore, it is impossible for all first-year students to meet Aster. If they fail in the previous stages, they will not be able to meet him and the test results will be released.

Naturally, in a negative way.

'I'm envious.'

Dier turned his gaze to another man looking at the bulletin board.

This year's most promising freshman, Piellot, who is said to have talent on par with Aster.

Dier bit his lip.

'Chosen talent.'

His biggest challenge was not to lose in his heart before even fighting.

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