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Chapter 193 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The test was conducted simultaneously for all first-year students.

Therefore, it required a venue large enough to accommodate both the first-year students and the upperclassmen who would be conducting the test.

Constel had just the place for that.

"This is Constel's Field...!"

"I heard the environment changes freely depending on the situation and needs! I wonder what the principle is?"

The first-year students chatted excitedly amongst themselves.

Since Constel's first-year students typically experienced the Field for the first time after joint training, it was unusual for them to see it so early.

"I heard this proficiency test is also the first attempt by the current student council president."

"I heard Constel's student council rarely takes action, but it seems different this time."

As a result, the current first-year students had a fairly high awareness of the student council president. It was the first time the student council had hosted a school event of this scale.

Surprisingly, the teachers were receptive to the proactive moves of the student council president, Ellen Evans. They also felt that Constel needed a change.

However, this was still an event led by the student council.

Therefore, most of the planning and management were left to the student council. The teachers only answered questions and provided minimal assistance, without getting too involved.


Therefore, the person who stood on the podium where the first-year students were gathered today was also...

"I am Ellen Evans, the acting student council president. Pleased to meet you."


Seeing her, the first-year students wore surprised expressions, some staring blankly. They shared their thoughts in hushed voices.

"That's Senior Ellen..."

"The swordsmanship genius, they say."

"I'd love to learn from her if I get the chance."

Ellen captivated the students with her presence alone.

Her voice was soft, her tone gentle, but anyone who had entered Constel knew Ellen's level of skill.

It was evident in her high level of ability as a swordsman, distinct from Mana and Aura.

"As mentioned beforehand, you will be taking a test here. The test will consist of several stages, evaluating your skills in various situations. Please note that the results of this test will not be disclosed to others. This test is not intended to instill a sense of inferiority but to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student for improvement and development."

Most students were relieved by Ellen's words, while a few were dissatisfied. The dissatisfied ones were those who believed they would naturally achieve high scores.

However, regardless of how much their beliefs aligned with their actual skills, this test would shatter those beliefs entirely.

Ellen said the purpose wasn't to instill a sense of inferiority, but if there were any arrogant individuals, they would feel enough shame within themselves.

"As I mentioned earlier, the first test assesses your basic physical strength and movement. Therefore, the test only involves various obstacles. Upperclassmen are waiting for you in the next test. Those who are looking forward to competing with upperclassmen must first pass this first stage."

The students nodded with tense faces at Ellen's words. They couldn't meet the upperclassmen in stage 1.

Failing here meant they weren't even qualified to do so. Beyond not meeting the upperclassmen, it would be utterly embarrassing.

"And lastly, one more thing."

Ellen's tone remained the same.

"I don't know how you will approach this test, but..."

As always, she spoke with an indifferent tone, looking around at the first-year students.

"It will be more boring than you think."


As Ellen mentioned, the first stage was filled with various obstacles blocking the students' path.

The general outline was simple: overcome the obstacles and solve the problems presented by Constel to reach the next stage.

Specifically, it was largely divided into combat and magic categories.

For the combat category, there was a pool filled with rubber balls, and the students had to walk along a narrow and uneven path, sometimes climbing walls or jumping, while avoiding various obstacles.

If they accidentally misstepped or were hit by an obstacle and fell into the pool, they were disqualified. Using magic also resulted in disqualification.

For the magic category, several walls blocked their path, and solving problems opened the walls, allowing them to proceed. Most problems required Mana manipulation, and Constel used this to assess their Mana control, intuition, and pure intelligence in calculating circuits.

"Ahaha, what is this! It's like a playground."

The first-year students in the combat category were initially a bit flustered when they encountered the first stage test.

There were ball pits below, and the various obstacles, such as flying hammers or walls, were round and elastic, designed to prevent children from getting hurt.

The magic category wasn't much different. It had a cute design, and there weren't any particular distractions while solving problems.

Moreover, the problem guidance voice was overly kind in tone and voice. As a side note, Lunia Fricell, the heroine of the game, participated in the guidance voice.

It was no wonder they felt like they were in a playground. It was actually designed that way.

The first stage literally only tested physical strength and functionality, not requiring any particular mental fortitude.

In other words, it completely eliminated dangerous situations. Their response to the pressure of injury or even death, and the strength of their mentality, would be sufficiently tested in the next stage.

However, many students didn't need to worry about the next test.

"Uh, uh?"


Most of the combat category students fell into the ball pit before long, and...

"Hmm, hmm..."


...most of the magic category students were stuck on the first wall, unable to solve the problem.

Even though it was a test of basic skills, it was conducted in stages, separating those who failed from those who succeeded.

Therefore, even the first stage was designed to have people fail. Underestimating the playground-like design quickly brought tears to their faces.

"Difficult, woah...!"

When his turn came and Dier Eiger opened the door to the first stage, his face hardened as soon as he saw the obstacles.

The cute design didn't even register. The hammers flying from left and right, the suddenly disappearing floor, and the closing walls were incredibly vicious.

Still, he managed to get through somehow. He climbed and stepped onto the next, and the next platform. Even without using Qi, he had accumulated enough training in handling his body movements. He could do this much.


He stepped on the last platform and forcefully opened the door to proceed to the next stage.

He had passed the first stage.

"Done... Huh?"

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