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Chapter 35 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Intelligence Issue

I might've exaggerated the description a bit, but I could say that I only spoke the truth.

Because I didn't lie.

So I spoke, and observed Violet's reaction.

I was curious how Violet would respond.

Depending on her answer, I could decide what to do next, so Violet's answer was very important.

“Well… I don’t mind doing it.”

“Oh, really?”

“What’s with you, why are you so happy?”

“I’m glad you said you’ll come, Violet.”

I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to gather enough people, but thankfully, it seemed like it would work out.

Violet said she’d participate.

So I couldn't help but feel good.

“It would be good if you could come to the Adventurers' Guild around lunchtime tomorrow. I think everyone’s going to gather then to plan things out.”

“Ah, okay.”

Hearts said he'd explain the details at the Adventurers' Guild at lunchtime tomorrow, so I told Violet the same.

And with that, we started eating.

“This is delicious.”

“Right? It’s definitely delicious.”

It's hard for me to distinguish between what's tasty and what's not, but Harang Restaurant's food was so delicious that it didn't matter.

You know how even someone who doesn’t know much about food would find it delicious after a bite?

I spoke to Teron, who was sitting next to us at some point.

“So, does your wife make all the food here?”

“Well, you could say that. Other people make the smaller dishes, but my wife makes all the main dishes.”

“Oh… that’s nice.”

This wasn't empty flattery, I meant it.

Even though my taste buds were survival-optimized to eat anything, I could still feel that Harang Restaurant’s food was especially delicious.

After we finished eating, we parted ways.

It seemed Teron wasn't thinking of working as an adventurer for the time being.

He was probably going to help his wife with her work.

Well, if it’s Harang Restaurant, it must be doing very well, so he wouldn’t have to worry about making a living if he helped his wife.

As I was lost in such useless thoughts, I arrived home.

But then—


I saw a man collapsed in front of my house.

It was a situation where, no matter who looked, he seemed to be barely clinging to life.

So I approached him and asked why he had collapsed in front of my house.

“Excuse me, why are you collapsed in front of my door…?”

When I asked, the man coughed up blood as if he was about to die.

And at that moment.

I saw a magic circle with mana slightly disturbed.

I had registered Basil’s mana in the magic circle, so this couldn’t have happened unless someone else entered the house.

At this point, it hit me.

Why this situation had happened.

So I let out a deep sigh and went inside.

I didn't think there was any need to save that man.


As soon as I opened the door and went inside, I heard a presence, and Basil immediately came down to the first floor.

Then, he greeted me and said,

“There was an intruder, so I took care of it.”

“Ah, I thought so. Please continue to do so in the future.”

Looking at the man in front of the door, I could tell that he was barely breathing, and I had a feeling that Basil’s skills were extraordinary, so I had expected this.

I don't know who Basil’s master was, but I got the feeling that he was incredibly specialized in assassination.

She must’ve had a high-level person as his master.

With that thought in mind, I went back outside, picked up the man in front of the door, and dumped him in a back alley.

I used to try to handle things humanely, but I was sick and tired of people breaking into my house.

Of course, a subspace pouch was a very valuable item, but still, to go this far…

I sighed and went back inside, going straight to sleep.

I had to get as much rest as possible if I was going to start working from tomorrow.


And so, the next day.

After waking up, I started the day by, of course, checking the forum.

In my case, it was to gather information.

It felt like a waste of time to browse the forum without a reason.

Thinking that, I entered the forum and picked out a few useful posts.

[Koruntum’s Legend Today…jpg][13]

[The Current Battlefield Situation lol…jpg][21]

[Don’t Know About Anything Else But Mages <<< Are Totally Overpowered, Upvote If You Agree lol][10]

I decided to check each of the four posts with a lot of comments, one by one.

It wasn't even lunchtime yet.

[Author: NewsFlash]

[Title: Koruntum’s Legend Today…jpg]

[Content: (Photo) A corpse explosion suddenly occurred on the Koruntum front lines, holy shit;]

L: Ah, that’s so messed up, damn it

  L: How the hell did they even take this picture?

  L: It looks like they took it after the corpse explosion

  L: This is why all those damn necromancers need to be eradicated

  L: Necromancers always say they’re the victims, but it’s so ridiculous

  L: Cthulhu: If they’re the victims lol, then what are martial artists, idiots?

  L: They are idiots…

  L: Why would they willingly become punching bags?

  L: At this point, I wonder if you’re an anti-martial artist

L: Wow, the gore is real, damn, seriously;

  L: I can’t get used to seeing this no matter how many times I see it…

  L: CocoNenne: Oh, that’s a very high-level corpse explosion

  L: If you’re a necromancer, just get lost, damn it

The comments were filled with curses directed at necromancers.

It was understandable.

Their characteristic of manipulating corpses was already off-putting, and on top of that, necromancers were often the villains.

Of course, I couldn't say that humans were absolutely good, but in terms of ethics, necromancers were too cruel.

It's like they see people as tools.

I moved on to the next post, thinking it was a bit cruel.

[Author: DieIllegally]

[Title: The Current Battlefield Situation…jpg]

[Content: (Photo) We managed to get things under control for now, but it’s still chaotic lol. It’s super messy right now lol]

L: This is legendary, hahahaha

L: So this is what a battlefield is really like lol…? This is truly legendary

  L: Wow, the corpse explosions scattered in between are so disgusting, damn it

  L: Wait, how did you even see the corpse explosions lol

  L: Ferus: There are too many disgusting bastards…

  L: Seriously, there are so many disgusting bastards

L: Wait, what’s that thing someone sculpted in the middle…? It’s so disgusting

  L: Ah, crap, now I see it too because of you, ugh

  L: That’s really messed up

  L: What is that lol

  L: That’s so messed up, what is it?

  L: Isn’t that the guy who does corpse art? If it’s not him, then I don’t see anyone else doing something like that

L: Decadent: What’s wrong with that lol? It’s just a normal battlefield

  L: Does that look normal to you? You’re seriously crazy

  L: I wonder how many weird things you’ve seen

  L: Stop looking at cursed images

  L: This guy’s the one who keeps asking about weird combinations

L: It’s not like it’s the necromancers’ fault for doing this

  L: What do you mean it’s not their fault lol? They could easily try something else if they wanted to

  L: Seriously, that’s so ridiculous, blaming others

  L: If they’re stuck in those bodies, they should at least try to not be necromancers lol

The reason for the argument in the comments about necromancers was simple.

It was a clash between the argument that they didn’t become necromancers because they wanted to, and the argument that they could just overcome it.

As I mentioned before, when we crossed over to this world, we possessed the bodies of those who had recently died or were about to die, inheriting their talents.

Of course, this included their magical and swordsmanship achievements.

That's why, in most cases, people ended up following the same profession as their original body's owner.

However, that's why people were strict with necromancers.

They would say, “How can you choose a profession like a necromancer or a dark wizard, even if it’s for survival, from a moral standpoint?”

Well, I didn't really care.

Whether someone became a necromancer or a dark wizard wasn't my business.

My point was that once you choose that profession, you have to take responsibility for it.

With that thought in mind, I checked the next post.

[Author: Cthulhu]

[Title: Don’t Know About Anything Else But Mages <<< Are Totally Overpowered, Upvote If You Agree lol]

[Content: Seriously, I almost died in a fight just now, holy shit; Why are they so strong when they fight from a distance?]

L: ? A martial artist beat a mage from a distance? Stop lying, you crazy bastard

  L: Seriously, is this guy insane lol

  L: Cthulhu: It’s true, though? It’s easy to beat mages when they let their guard down against martial artists. My opponent this time was just a bit tough

  L: Using psychological warfare, huh ㄷㄷ

  L: I guess it would be tough

  L: This guy’s crazy lol. How do you beat a mage from a distance?

L: I respect you, man. I also switched from a swordsman to a martial artist because of you back in the day

  L: Cthulhu: Are you an idiot?

  L: ?

  L: Cthulhu: Ugh, never mind.

I was speechless after seeing the comments on the last post.

He switched from a swordsman to a martial artist.

Was this guy's intelligence for real?

He wasn’t even at the level where he could reach the top.

It was truly mind-boggling.

As I was thinking such thoughts, the Adventurers’ Guild gradually came to life.

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