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Chapter 36 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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The fact that the Adventurers' Guild was buzzing with activity meant one thing: a party that had left for a quest had returned. That explained the current lull in the guild.

As I closed the forum with that thought, a familiar face approached.

“Haha, greetings!”

“Ah, hello to you too.”

The first to arrive was Hearts. As a Paladin, he seemed to be quite punctual. Well, I hadn't known Hearts for long, but that was the impression I got.

As I was chatting with Hearts, the latecomers began to arrive one by one.

“Haaam… Ah, you're the swordsman with lightning-fast blades?”

“Hmm? What do you mean? Of course, my blades are as fast as lightning.”

“Seems about right.”

Violet yawned as she spoke, settling down next to me. Then, she turned to me.

“How did you manage to snag a Paladin? He's quite skilled.”

“Ah, well… It's a long story. Let's just say our paths crossed.”

“That's what they all say. He's good, I'll give you that.”

“Ahaha… is that so?”

Violet had this way of looking at me like I was a kid. Sure, I wasn't the tallest person around, but being treated like a child was a bit much.

Just as I was about to retort,

“Ah, my apologies. Overslept a bit.”

Dontas joined us at the table.

“Hmm? Well, well. If it isn’t the dwarf again.”

“Well, if it isn’t the rogue lady. Didn't expect to see you again.”

“I'm an assassin, not a rogue.”

“Rogue, assassin, what's the difference?”

“Ha… Never mind.”

Personally, I thought 'rogue' had a nicer ring to it. As I was lost in such trivial thoughts, I asked Hearts,

“So, what kind of quest did we get? That's what I'm most curious about.”

I wasn't the party leader, but since I was the one who brought Violet in, I felt the need to take charge. I figured it would put everyone at ease.

Hearts pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket.

“This is the request… Take a look and let me know what you think.”

What kind of quest could it be? My curiosity piqued, I quickly scanned the paper.

Moments later…

“…Wait, we're going that deep in?”

Violet's bewildered voice rang out. It was understandable.

The objective of our quest was to venture into the depths of the Forest of Illusions, the most dangerous place in Baruk, and collect as many Illusion Flowers as possible.

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive myself.

Could we really pull this off without any casualties? It was a valid concern. Adventurers often faced such risks, but I had never personally experienced the death of a comrade during my time as an adventurer. So, yes, I was worried.

“Hmm… I knew you'd say that, so I brought some special artifacts!”

Hearts announced, placing four necklaces on the table. He proceeded to explain their effects.

The necklaces' function was simple, yet incredibly effective. They increased mana and health regeneration within the Forest of Illusions.

“These artifacts are made from Illusion Flowers, which are only found in the Forest of Illusions, making this enhancement possible!” Hearts explained.

“…These seem quite expensive. Are you sure it's alright to just give them to us?”

Dontas raised a reasonable doubt. Even with the condition that they only worked in the Forest of Illusions, their effects were remarkable.

Increased health and mana regeneration… The Forest of Illusions was vast, so the area of effect for these necklaces was significant.

As I was pondering this, Hearts chuckled and said,

“Haha, don't worry, they didn't cost much! Besides, I can easily obtain more if needed!”


So this was the power of being a well-sponsored Paladin? It was undeniably impressive. To think these artifacts were considered "not much”… He must have had some generous backers.

I couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy, but I brushed it off. Being a Paladin came with its own set of responsibilities, after all.

With the necklaces taken care of, the planning proceeded smoothly. We didn't have much to prepare. Just some rations and torches.

‘…Packing torches is such a drag.’

If I ran out of mana, I wouldn't have a way to illuminate my surroundings, leaving me vulnerable to attacks. That's why I decided to buy torches, for mana conservation purposes.

Getting rations was easy. The general store sold them in bulk, which meant a lower price.

This time, we all went shopping together. The others were surprised by my choice of supplies.

“…You’re not seriously just getting rations, are you?”

“Yep. They’re pretty good, actually.”

Personally, I found rations quite palatable. I even ate them in place of regular meals sometimes… if I was in a real hurry, that is.

As I was lost in my thoughts, I noticed the others were buying bread and water.

“I can conjure water, you know. You don’t really need to pack any.”

“Oh, right, you’re a mage. That’s convenient.”

Most necessities for adventuring could be conjured with magic. However, since it consumed mana, even mages carried backup supplies for emergencies.

With that, our preparations were complete. There wasn’t much else to do. We had torches, rations, special containers for anything we might find…

Feeling prepared brought a sense of anticipation. To be honest, things had been a bit dull lately. I hadn't encountered any worthy opponents, so to speak.


Not that I was overly competitive, but a good challenge did sound exciting. It would be an opportunity to test my magic.

I decided to make a post on the forum. I’d read it on the way. We wouldn't have time once we entered the Forest of Illusions, but the journey there was fair game. Gotta maximize efficiency, right?

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Forest of Illusions <<< Anyone been there?]

[Content: How is it? Got a quest there, wondering if it's worth it lol]

Our party was quite strong. Sure, none of us were officially Gold Plate Rank, but skill-wise, we were all there. That’s why I could afford to be this relaxed. I had a feeling this time, I could sit back and reap the rewards without lifting a finger.

Time flew by after I made the post. Soon, I received a notification about numerous replies. I opened the thread again, and there they were.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Forest of Illusions <<< Anyone been there?]

[Content: How is it? Got a quest there, wondering if it's worth it lol]

L: That place is crawling with bandits, it's insane lol

ㄴ: For real lmao I barely made it out alive, stripped of everything I had

ㄴ: Imagining Anonymous stripped bare is kinda hot ngl…

ㄴ: Dude, seriously?

L MasterAssassin: I’ve been to the Forest of Illusions. It’s manageable. Just don’t let your guard down.

ㄴ: Wait, “manageable”? What does that even mean?

ㄴ MasterAssassin: It means it's dangerous.

L Ferus: Why would you go there in this day and age?

ㄴ Ferus: No quest is worth risking your life for, especially not in that place.

ㄴ: Yeah, the Forest of Illusions is no joke lol

ㄴ: Only those who’ve been there would understand

ㄴ: Seriously, how bad can it be?

The comments were starting to make me nervous. But at the same time, my curiosity grew. Just how bad could it be to warrant such reactions?

Well, I guess I’d find out soon enough.

We continued our journey until…

“Ah, finally!”

…We arrived at the entrance of the Forest of Illusions. I immediately felt a surge of mana within me.

“The necklaces actually work? My mana’s regenerating so quickly.”

“That’s the power of artifacts! Alright, I’ll take the lead.”

With his massive shield, Hearts was the best choice to lead the way.

I took my place in the middle. It was the ideal position for a mage. The front and rear were vulnerable to surprise attacks.

As the primary source of firepower, it was best for me to stay safe and sound.

And so, we stepped into the Forest of Illusions.


“…See the artifacts on their necks?”

“Yes. Aren’t those expensive?”

“Exactly why we’re taking them.”

“…Good point.”

A group clad in masks shadowed the party that had just entered the forest. They moved with stealth, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Their movements were undetectable.

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