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Chapter 40 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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So when we entered the heart of the Forest of Illusions, what we encountered was beyond our wildest imaginations.

Of course, we knew that incredibly strong magical beasts were likely to appear.

But to encounter one right as we entered…

“We should run, right?”

A Drake.

We never expected to see a Drake here.

It was a magical beast known to inhabit much deeper areas.

Of course, we were deep within the forest, but we had heard that they lived even further in.

It was a rare magical beast.

And yet, here it was.

It was a magical beast that an average adventurer would be lucky to encounter even once in their lifetime.

“Um, I think running from a Drake is a good idea!”

“Let's get out of here. This is bad.”

“We could die if we're not careful. Running seems like the right call.”

The moment all three of them agreed, I cast a spell.


Of course, everyone must have learned basic movement techniques, but I hadn't.

Therefore, using Stealth to move would increase our chances of not being detected.

As Stealth enveloped me and my companions, we were all able to move quietly.

Violet likely learned movement techniques related to stealth, but honestly, I didn't think Dontas would have.

So, just in case, I cast Stealth on everyone, and it seemed like the right choice.

With that thought, we ventured deeper.

And then…

Deep within the forest, we discovered glowing flowers.

We were about to pick them immediately, but…

“Wait, if we pick these, magical beasts will swarm us. It’s better to be prepared before we pick them.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, Illusion Flowers have that effect.”

I didn't know that.

It seemed Violet had a lot of experience as an adventurer.

It was amazing how much information she had.

As I marveled at that, I focused.

I was preparing the Teleport spell.

“Then how about we pick these and immediately teleport somewhere else? Since magical beasts are going to swarm us.”

“Hmm, that's better.”

Our goal was simple.

Pick the Illusion Flowers.

We already had the Troll's blood and heart, there was no need to push ourselves further.

That's why I was preparing the Teleport spell right now.

Dontas seemed to want to fight, but maybe because I saved his life earlier, he didn't protest much.

Perhaps he realized that if he fought recklessly and died this time, it would be a big problem.

As I thought that, we prepared to pick the flowers.

“Let's grab as many as we can at once and leave. It doesn't feel good to waste time here.”

“Yeah, you're right. If we get greedy, we might end up dead.”

I didn't want to die in a deserted place like this.

If I had to die, I wanted to die somewhere sunny.

So, I wanted to live a long and peaceful life as much as possible.

Of course, it would be nice to make a lot of money, but not to the point of risking my life for it.

As I was lost in those useless thoughts, we picked the Illusion Flowers simultaneously at Violet’s signal.

We grabbed as many as we could and put them in our subspace pouches.

“I think we've got them all. Let's move.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Even if magical beasts were going to swarm us, they wouldn't come immediately, giving me enough time to channel mana.

So, I channeled mana into the spell formation I had prepared in advance.

I closed my eyes and opened them…


The teleport didn't work.

Or rather, the spell had been canceled.

I was confused.

I had never failed to cast a spell in my life.

So I tried the spell again.


I deployed the formation and immediately poured mana into it.


“…Someone blocked the teleport.”

It seemed like something was preventing the Teleport spell from activating.

It could be an effect of the Forest of Illusions itself, or someone could have set up a trap targeting us.

But that wasn't important right now.

The important thing was that our lives were in danger.

“…What do we do?”

“What else can we do? We kill them all.”

“He’s right!”

Dontas and Hearts were relaxed.

They had the mindset of just killing any magical beasts that came at us.

I sighed deeply.

We didn’t even know what kind of magical beasts would appear, and they were thinking of fighting them all.

Should I call this reckless or brave?

Thinking that, I stopped channeling the Teleport spell.

“Let’s just fight whatever comes.”

It seemed better to fight them now that things had come to this.

It was better than running away and attracting more magical beasts.

Besides, I was curious.

Who would do such a thing?

I’d never heard of Teleport magic being the only magic that didn’t work in the Forest of Illusions.

So I decided to ask about it on the forum after the fight was over, and started writing a post.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Does Teleport normally not work in the Forest of Illusions?]

[Content: Why doesn't it work, dammit]

After posting, I immediately started to cast a spell.

And a moment later.


Wolves began to swarm us from all directions.

Thankfully, it wasn’t Drakes.

If it had been Drakes, it would have been really hard to deal with them.

Thinking that, I casually cast a spell.

It was more like support since my teammates were already dealing with them.


Freeze was originally a spell I used for air conditioning, but if I adjusted its intensity, it could be a very effective spell.

“Oh, their movements have definitely slowed down.”

“Hmm, it’s working. I’ve never used it on a magical beast before.”

“…You weren’t testing it, were you?”

“Ahaha… No way.”

There was a slight element of testing, but I decided to keep that to myself.

I didn’t want to make them feel uneasy.

As I was using Freeze, the other three were slaughtering the wolves.

They had been fighting magical beasts beyond their rank all this time, so these guys were skilled enough to hold their own anywhere.

That's why I was with them.

Well, I would have been with them anyway, but still.

‘…As long as no national-level magical beasts appear.’

As I was thinking such silly thoughts, I occasionally cast support spells on my teammates.

I had to save my mana for enemies that required concentrated fire.

It was better to conserve it.

No matter how much mana I had, if I used it recklessly, there was a high chance I would run out.

With that in mind, I cast support spells.



Increase the movement speed of allies and decrease the movement speed of enemies.

It was the most basic thing you could do.

Even this alone was enough to allow us to slaughter magical beasts of a reasonably low level.

And the necklaces Hearts gave us were very effective.

Even though we were using mana, it kept refilling.

It was definitely worth the price.

As we were slaughtering the magical beasts, I heard a familiar sound from afar.


It was a very familiar sound.

We had heard it just a few hours ago.

But it was different then and now.

Not that we were at an advantage, but that we were at a disadvantage.

This time, there were three Trolls.

Not one, but three.

And two of them were variants.

“Oh… Can we do this?”

I could handle them with my firepower, but I had to take them out one by one.

Otherwise, they would regenerate due to the Troll’s characteristics.

If I had a wand, I could have killed the Trolls in one shot.

Wands were so expensive that I hadn’t even considered buying one, but now I was regretting it a little.

“Cast support spells on us. We’ll draw their attention.”

“Heave-ho…! We’ll distract them, you just finish them off in one blow, mage.”

“I agree!”

Everyone was counting on me.

It made me a little worried.

I had declared that I would finish them off in one blow, so it would be a little embarrassing if I couldn’t actually do it.

As I thought that, I cast support spells on my allies.




I cast support spells excessively, and in that time, I began to deploy a magic spell formation.

This time, it seemed better to handle it a little differently.

I had to go a little overboard.


“[Gravity Bomb]”

I poured mana into the magic formation and used Gravity Bomb to gather the three Trolls in the center.


It was definitely a bit difficult because Trolls had high magic resistance.

But I couldn’t stop.

I was the only one here who had enough firepower to take out theTrolls in one shot.

I started to modify the [Fireball] formation in real time.

You could say that I was creating my own magic.

It was called modification, but the structure was only vaguely similar; it was a completely different spell.

I took a deep breath and…

I named this spell.


The name of this spell would be…

“[Tsar Bomba]”

That sounded good.

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