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Chapter 41 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Reverse Engineering

The reason I named the spell Tsar Bomba was simple.

Because it was that powerful.

However, the range wasn't that wide.

It wasn't a spell that dealt damage over a wide area, but rather one that focused damage on a single point.

Therefore, there was no way the other party members would get caught in the blast radius.

But just in case, I gave them a heads up.

"Please step back for a moment. It might be a little dangerous."

It could be extremely dangerous, so I'm warning them in advance.

Hearing my words, everyone steps back.

And a moment later.

[Tsar Bomba]

I pour mana into the spell's formula.

And then-


A ball of fire falls from the sky.

It falls directly onto the spot where the trolls are gathered.

And a moment later.


A mushroom cloud rises for a moment, and the trolls, who were gathered by the Gravity Bomb, are revealed.

The trolls, with their strong magic resistance and health regeneration, were gone without a trace.

Seeing that, I broke out in a cold sweat.

It seemed like I shouldn't use this spell too often.

It was efficient, but it was difficult to hit a target.

It was only possible because the opponent was a stupid Greenskin monster like a troll. If it were another monster like a Drake, it would have been difficult to hit.

So, it seemed more appropriate to use it as an interception against a stationary target.

"Good work, mage."

"Ah, thank you. I was able to hit them because Mr. Dontas kept them occupied."

Dontas thanked me.

I was a little embarrassed.

I didn't really do anything.

I was only able to hit them because the other party members were holding the trolls back.

And it wasn't in my nature to want to be the center of attention.

Of course, I enjoyed stirring things up a bit on the forum, but that was different from real life.

"Haha, the mage is joking. I only dealt with the small fries."

"That's true. You only dealt with the weak ones."

Violet added from the side.

I had a feeling Violet didn't like Dontas very much.

I don't think they've ever fought.

As I was thinking this, no more monsters appeared.

That was a relief.

It would have been a bit burdensome if they came any further.

"Then let's get moving."

"Yes, let's do that! It wouldn't be good to stay here any longer."

We decided to move because it seemed like more monsters would come if we stayed here.

Of course, none were coming now, but they could come later.

With that in mind, we started to move.


We moved using Stealth.

We didn't want to be detected by the monsters in the area.

So, we moved using Stealth, and naturally, we had some free time.

Therefore, I couldn't help but open the forum.

It wasn't that I was trying to waste time while on the move.

You could say I opened the forum for information gathering.

'Ah, right, there was that post I wrote earlier.'

Come to think of it, there was a post I wrote earlier, so I decided to check the comments.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Can't you teleport in the Forest of Illusions?]

[Content: Why the hell not?]

L: You can, though lol

L: You can

L: Wait, how did this guy even get to the Forest of Illusions if he's ReallyDirtPoor?

ㄴ: Didn't you know this guy's a scammer? He never changes his nickname lol

ㄴ: So true lol He's so shameless

ㄴ: I just want to punch him

L: There's no way you can't teleport in the Forest of Illusions. If anything, it should be easier because of the abundant mana.

ㄴ: Yeah, maybe the OP just messed up the casting? ㅠㅠ

L Ferus: I'm pretty sure you can.

ㄴ Ferus: This is a bit strange.

L: Of course you can, you idiot lol

ㄴ: But isn't it possible you can't? I feel like there's something about the Forest of Illusions that would prevent it.

ㄴ: Of course you can

ㄴ: I'm telling you, the Forest of Illusions is a sure thing

ㄴ: Those of you who haven't been to the Forest of Illusions, please just shut up

I realized it again, but it seemed like Mr. Ferus never slept.

He seemed to be awake all the time.

It was amazing.

Well, from my point of view, he was a grateful person who always answered my questions.

Thinking such thoughts, I continued walking.

It would be better to collect more Illusion Flowers if possible.

Thud, thud.

After walking for a while, I came across another spot with Illusion Flowers.

But this time, I didn't pluck them right away.

[Sensory Amplification]

I cast a spell to amplify my senses.

Then, I began to feel the flow of mana all around me.

You could say I could feel even the tiniest bit of mana.

Therefore, I was able to feel the very faint mana in the ground.

It wasn't the natural mana, but rather the flow of mana that someone had unnaturally created.

So, I carefully dug up the spot where I felt the flow of mana.

Of course, I didn't dig with my hands. I used magic.

I hated getting dirt on my hands.

Thump- Thump-

As I dug into the ground, I found a strange object.

It was shaped like a sphere, and I could feel a strange flow of mana from within.

So, I took a picture and uploaded it to the forum.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Does anyone know what this is? (100 experience points)]

[Content: (Picture) What the hell is this?]

After posting, I asked the others around me.

"Does anyone know what this is? I've never seen it before."

I knew a lot about magic, but I didn't know much about magical artifacts like this.

So, I asked my companions.

"Hmm, I don't know about this one either. I think it's my first time seeing it."

First, Violet said she didn't know.

So, I moved on to the next person.

"I'm not sure either!"

Hearts didn't seem to know either.

That meant the only one left was Dontas.

"...Hmm, it looks similar to something I saw a long time ago. There's this thing called a 'Ram,' and I heard it can hold one magic formula."

The answer came from Dontas.

The very faint mana I felt from within this sphere.

I had been wondering what this mana was, but now I think I knew.

It was an object called a 'Ram.'

As expected, Dontas seemed to be knowledgeable in this area, perhaps because he used to be a blacksmith.

With that thought in mind, I checked the post I had made on the forum.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Does anyone know what this is? (100 experience points)]

[Content: (Picture) What the hell is this?]

L: Stop scamming, damn it lol

ㄴ: So true lol

L: There you go again, pretending you don't know something valuable lol

ㄴ: I bet he'll say (I really don't know) lol

ㄴ: But he actually seems like he doesn't know, so it's kind of cute lol

L Ferus: This is called a 'Ram,' and it can hold one formula inside.

ㄴ Ferus: It's an object that's used despite its high price because even most mages can't sense its mana.

Looking at Ferus' posts, it seemed like he worked at Koruntum.

Perhaps because he worked at such a place, his knowledge in this area seemed to be building up quickly.

He answered every question I asked so quickly.

Thinking how amazing that was, I left a comment.

L ReallyDirtPoor: Thanks to everyone who left a comment ㄱㅅㄱㅅ

By checking both in reality and on the forum, I could minimize the chances of getting false information.

It was a double-check.

With that in mind, I picked up the object called a 'Ram' and used magic.


I used Lightning to examine the structure of the 'Ram.'

And a moment later.

I was able to learn something.

The formula engraved on the 'Ram' was the one that had been interfering with teleportation.

That's why we couldn't teleport and had no choice but to fight.


How much time had passed?

I had finally figured out how it worked.

So, the key was to engrave the formula into the small sphere.

It seemed like a skilled mage would be able to rewrite the formula engraved on the 'Ram.'

So, I decided to give it a try.

I also needed to remove the existing formula that restricted teleportation.

'...What kind of formula should I use?'

I didn't want to use a formula that would harm those around me, so I decided to simply engrave the formula for [Fire Spear].

Then, I buried it back in the ground.

"If you step here now, an attack spell will go off. So please avoid this area."

"Hmm? A Ram is a very complex artifact. How did you manage to..."

"Somehow, I was able to engrave a formula on it... Anyway, if we have time, let's look for other Rams in other places. I doubt this is the only one."

"Alright, mage."

The people who hid these 'Rams' were probably planning to attack us after we were exhausted from picking Illusion Flowers and dealing with monsters.

But I wasn't going to let them get away with it so easily.

So, I decided to come up with a fun little plan.

A plan to loot the looters.

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