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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 44 Part 1

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A ticking time bomb.

The only one who knows about it is Reed.

It feels like a scene from a spy thriller, with tension building up for him alone.

The first song ended and he exchanged greetings with his partner.

They dispersed again until the next song, using small talk as an excuse to sip champagne.

The Tower Master of Greenwood, who danced with Reed, looked quite satisfied and walked together towards where the other Tower Lords were.

Seeing this, other women who had been eyeing an opportunity approached Reed's side.

"Hello, Master of the Silence Tower. I am Mandy, the eldest daughter of the Enzier family. Would you be able to dance with me in the next song?"

"With me......"

"No, please dance with me."

Requests to dance flooded Reed.

Tower Masters of Monolith and Radiant Tower, who had failed to find partners, enviously watched Reed.

However, Reed didn't come here just to dance and sway the hearts of women.

Such kindness and attention were rather troublesome for him.

"I'm sorry, ladies. I already have an appointment."

"Oh my, is that so? Then, please promise me the next one."

"I don't mind being after that, please!"

The women dispersed again with uncertain promises.

"Oh, it seems you've already decided on your next partner?"

The Tower Master of Jade raised an eyebrow and smirked victoriously.

However, the next person Reed had in mind was not the Tower Master of Jade.

"Master of the Jade Tower, I'm sorry, but may I ask you to dance with me next?"

"What? I'm the one after next? I'll be upset if that's the case."

The Tower Master of Jade squinted and glared at Reed.

"I'm sorry, Tower Master. Please forgive me."

"Alright. In return, you have to tell me what you talked to the owner of the Greenwood Tower about."


'So she was watching that...….'

Before the next song began, Reed headed towards the group where Adonis Hupper was.

Adonis was surrounded by men.

Far from laughter, Adonis simply nodded to their stories with an emotionless face.

With a glass of champagne at her lips, she seemed determined not to open his mouth at all.

Then, the music started again.

As if they had been waiting, the men extended their hands to Adonis, inviting her to dance.

Adonis, with a troubled expression, looked down at their hands, wondering who to choose.

'James Bren is... not here.'

Rather, he seemed uninterested in Adonis.

Or, maybe he needs to distance himself before committing the crime.

'The only way to know that is to approach Adonis.'

It's a problem that needs to be discovered by approaching.

It's a problem that needs to be figured out by approaching.

"Ms. Adonis Hupper, would you like to dance?" 

As Reed extended his hand, the hesitation on Adonis's face disappeared.

Adonis grabbed Reed's hand in an instant.

The reason Adonis chose Reed wasn't because Reed was handsome.

It was because she had talked with Reed before, and most importantly, he was the person who had gifted the dress she was wearing.

As the song began, Reed and Adonis held each other's hands, and Reed's other hand moved towards Adonis's waist.

"Thank you sincerely for the gift, Tower Master."

"Not at all, Ms. Adonis. I was worried that my narrow taste might bother you... but you look absolutely beautiful."

In truth, it was Phoebe's taste.

Thinking that he would have to thank Phoebe later, Reed expressed his gratitude to Adonis.

"Thank you for choosing me among the handsome men."

"Not at all. Rather, I survived thanks to your arrival, Tower Master. Actually, dancing with other men is..."

"Do you have any problems?"

Adonis bowed her head shyly and replied.

"Well, I... I was afraid my fantasy might be shattered."


"How do you find my voice?"

A strangely androgynous tone.

As a knight who valued discipline and order, it was a great voice, but if you thought of it as a princess's voice, it was enough to shatter the fantasy.

"It's been 8 years since I returned to social life. I've developed many unprincess-like traits due to my rough knight life. I have scars on my body, and my voice has become hoarse..."

"So you were worried."

"Yes, since I am now a 'princess'."

To be concerned as a princess means to care about Morgan.

If she were a princess and not a knight, everything would eventually have an impact on Morgan.

That's why she couldn't easily engage in small talk and kept her mouth shut.

'It's for my father... which is no different than for the country.'

Adonis admired what her father had built and wished to become a queen as great as him in the future.

Reed felt sorry for that fact.

That she had worked so hard yet was destined to be removed by her father without understanding why.

"In my eyes, Miss Adonis is a charming woman."

"Excuse me?"

"Did you not give up your princess status to protect the country and rise to the rank of Knight Commander? Your sacrificial demeanor has been an inspiration to all, showing that the Hupper Kingdom is strong. It was a pure sacrifice that princesses who simply grow beautifully like flowers in a greenhouse cannot make."

"Do you think so?"

"If there's a man who is ashamed of Miss Hupper's voice and scars, please tell me. I will step up instead."

Upon hearing this, Adonis's eyes widened, and her green pupils sparkled.

"Thank you... even just for your words."

Adonis's heart rate quickened.

She was not in love, but his words had stirred Adonis.

Adonis lowered her head and avoided Reed's eyes.

As her heartbeat quickened, the perfume she had sprayed on her wrist and neck stimulated Reed's nose.

The sharp scent of cinnamon mixed with the soft aroma of roses.

It was a striking smell.

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