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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 84 Part 2

As soon as Reed and his party came out of the Kalton Mountains, they were met with a question.

Although they had expected the follow-up force to come and set up a base, the knights were all on guard for some reason.

Adonis, the Knight Commander, approached them and asked.

"What's going on? Did monsters appear?"

"Look over there."

At the vice-commander's words, Adonis turned her head.

There, he saw two flags standing on the plain.

The emblem of the Grancia Kingdom and the emblem of the Church of Light, the Althea Order.

Both the order and the kingdom had come here at the same time.

"The forces of the Grancia Kingdom and the Order are waiting here."

"For how long?"

"Over 18 hours. They haven't made any movements, just waiting in that state."

"How many enemy forces?"

"Just by the visible number, there are over 5,000."

They were no match for them from the start, in terms of numbers.

'If they wanted to fight, they would have attacked first.'

The fact that they were waiting quietly meant they wanted them to come directly.

"They probably know what we're doing, right?"

"They must have ears on our side too."

They wouldn't want to cause any trouble either.

That's why Adonis moved with the escort forces.

Rosaria stayed behind with Dolores.

As the Tower Master of Wallin, it was the worst move for Dolores to make.

Becoming a new great chieftain, or showing off a double-edged axe with runes, would only lead to more trouble.

As they crossed the hill, Reed and Adonis saw a large army standing in front of them, just as they had been told.

All Grancia soldiers were standing there, and in front of them was a tent for tactics.

"There's not a single person sent from the Althea Order."

"Let's go and see."

Reed and Adonis walked toward the tent, and the soldiers who had been waiting in front of it opened the tent as if they had been waiting, and let them in.

"Welcome, Regent of Hupper Kingdom."

The young man who greeted them inside was the Crown Prince of the Grancia Kingdom, Edward Grancia, the 29th descendant of King James Grancia.

Adonis wasn't particularly pleased.

"I assume there's a reason you've brought such a large army to greet us."

"Don't you know what kind of place the Kalton Mountains are? It's a place full of danger. It wouldn't be surprising if something jumped out from within."

"It seems like you're using a knife to catch a chicken."

"Shouldn't we always do our best in everything?"

The best.

Yes, they should do their best.

Like the Grancia, who are no different from ordinary humans, they should use all their strength to strengthen the royal authority in any way possible.

Ordinary bloodlines with ordinary abilities, neither becoming a great politician like Morgan II nor possessing outstanding military power like Adonis.

Even if such ordinariness is passed down from generation to generation, there will eventually be a limit.

That moment was now.

'The trick to somehow steal what's in the Kalton Mountains.'

And it was the last desperate struggle of the gradually declining dynasty.

"I've heard that you're using orcs. Is it true?"

"It's true."

Adonis nodded and spoke confidently.

"It's to stabilize the Kalton Mountains, which the Grancia Kingdom failed to solve. We're just trying to achieve this while the Grancia Kingdom only watches, so why are you trying to make it our fault?"

"I think using monsters for stabilization will rather accelerate the confusion with a bad move."

"The biggest problem in the Kalton Mountains isn't just one orc. Rather, they are the most communicative animals among them. What's the problem with dealing with animals that can communicate and think?"

"If they gain power in the Kalton Mountains, it will undoubtedly spread throughout the region. This could endanger not only the existence of Grancia but also the surrounding villages."

He was right.

However, it was no different from the argument made when a lord tries to become independent from a nation.

They oppose independence, saying that if people without roots become kings, there will undoubtedly be problems with public order, and everyone, including cows and horses, will rise up, calling themselves kings.
They needed a legitimate reason to be recognized as a king.

'The problem is the monsters.'

It was clear that no matter what they did, the long-standing perception would inevitably have a negative effect.

It could even be something that deviates from the teachings of the Alte Order, which only fuels false hopes.

Edward knew that fact and was trying to use it.

"We reported to the Order for the safety of the continent, and they have responded that they don't view this matter favorably. They are even considering sending the Twin Holy Maidens, depending on the situation."

"The Twin Holy Maidens…"

Upon hearing those words, Adonis and Reed became tense.

Two women in white clothes with black hair and gold-rimmed glasses.

One of them held a sword, and the other carried a small bell, a sacred bell used in the Order.

Their rank was right below the Pope of the Alte Order.

They had more power than bishops, and their abilities were second to none.

Within the Althea Order, there was no one who could match the power of the Holy Maiden of Light in priestly abilities, and no one who could follow the Holy Maiden of Swords in swordsmanship.

In short, they were the worst combination to encounter as enemies: the Twin Holy Maidens.

"If the Holy Maidens designate you as a target for judgment, I think you know what will happen."

The Althea Order played a decisive role in binding the kingdom alliance tightly to counter the empire.

If designated as a target for judgment by the Althea Order, they would be attacked everywhere the Althea Order's influence reaches.

It's called judgment and purification.

It was no different from a massacre in the name of God.

Edward showed that he held a good hand.

And he actually thought it was good, and so did Reed and Adonis.

But he thought the momentum was in his favor.

"Crown Prince."


"Do you think the Tower Master of Silence is an easy person to deal with?"

Reed was not such an easy person.

"Not at all."

"A mere crown prince threatening a Tower's mage is an arrogant act, even if it's not the Hupper Kingdom."

The low tone of the middle-aged man, who felt offended, made Edward sweat involuntarily.

"I know that priests and mages have different beliefs and are inherently hostile to each other. But I believe that the Tower Master wouldn't want to worsen such a situation either. I only mentioned it out of belief and concern."

He claims that his only target is the Hupper Kingdom.

However, Adonis, the spokesperson for the Hupper Kingdom, did not seem to think so.

"Then I guess we don't have to worry about it either."


"Anyway, we'll never be designated as a target for judgment."

Edward was taken aback by her confidence.

Reed, who was sitting next to her, also raised a question.

She seemed confident, not bluffing, as if she really had a countermeasure.

"What makes you so confident?"

"Why should we reveal that to you?"

Adonis raised an eyebrow and looked incredulous.

"Do we have any reason to show our hand to an opponent who threatens us?"

"That wasn't my intention."

"Then I don't think you need to be more curious."


Edward closed his mouth.

"Seems like there's nothing more to say. May I leave with my knights now?"

"Of course."

The Crown Prince couldn't help but smile, feeling bitter about her unwavering attitude.

Reed and Adonis stood up from their seats and walked out of the tent.

Adonis let out a low breath and relaxed her shoulders.

They began to talk about what they couldn't share inside the tent.

"Did you think the Order would react this way?"

"Yes. His Majesty anticipated it."

"His Majesty?"

"Since Grancia's power is not overwhelming, he was sure that they would rely on the Order's strength when trying to interfere with and wield power over the Hupper Kingdom."

"That's exactly what happened. So, are we supposed to move forward with that countermeasure?"


"Can I hear what the countermeasure is?"

Wondering what the wise King Morgan II's plan was, he asked, but Adonis shook her head.

"To be honest, I don't know either."

"You're sure even though you don't know?"

"Yes. I'm sure we'll find it. He is a truly wise king."

Adonis showed a smile.

It was a look of trust in her king and love for her sibling.

Seeing that face, Reed couldn't help but smile as well.

"You always smile when you talk about your brother."

"Do I?"

Surprised, Adonis touched the corner of her mouth.

The corners of he rmouth that had risen in surprise were now back to their original state.

Not knowing her own facial expression, she felt embarrassed and looked away.

Reed subtly shifted his gaze toward her nape.

Hanging around her neck was a necklace made of jade.

It was a green color that resembled her eyes.

* * *

As spring came to an end, Reed finally learned that what was supposed to come had arrived.

Just as Grancia had threatened, the Althea Order had started to move.

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