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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 85 Part 1

 For Honor (2)

There were countless religions on the Cloud Continent, but there was only one that exerted the greatest influence.

The God of Light, Althea.

The Althea religion just began with the doctrine that all living beings are equal.

However, unlike their merciful teachings, the Althea Order was ruthless to its enemies.

This was the news Reed had received.

There were reports that the orcs were gathering.

The fact that the orcs that were spread throughout Kalton were gathering meant that they could cause damage to the nearby villages that were spread around the Kalton Mountains.

They were considering scouting the orc's movements and purifying them before any damage occurred.

"If the twin saints point out the Kalton Mountains as a danger and go inside..."

Undoubtedly, a massacre would occur from the orcs' perspective.

Even if they succeeded in defending, Dolores, the great chieftain, would be doubted for her abilities and qualities, and the unification of the orc tribes would be impossible, unlike the wishes of Larksper.

"There's still no progress in deciphering the rune text..."

Larksper knew how to use runes.

If he could make him understand the concept, he thought it would help Larksper defeat the guardian giant.

He wasn't in a hurry, but he didn't take it easy either.

It was just that the movement of the Althea Order was much faster.

Reed asked Phoebe, who had reported the situation.

"What were the instructions from the Order?"

"It seems they want to control all humans entering and leaving the Kalton Mountains."

"And if they disobey?"

"They'll be considered heretics."

"That means they'll kill them."

Since it wasn't Reed's jurisdiction, he couldn't forcibly enter the Kalton Mountains even if he had business there.

The research with the orcs had been completed, and there were no more wizards left inside.

Reed had no way of contacting Larksper.

"It would be nice if we could enter without the Althea Order's notice, but..."

Even if they managed to sneak into the Kalton Mountains, there would be monsters swarming inside, and there could be traps set up in return.

There were too many risks involved.

"I guess I have no choice but to inform Dolores of this situation."

Reed, who had thought of an althearnative plan, ordered Phoebe.

"Try contacting the Master of the Wallin Tower. Since it's their jurisdiction, they should be able to do that much."

He thought that things would proceed swiftly, but...

"Well, that's..."

Phoebe dragged her words out and showed a troubled expression.

"I've already tried contacting them, but it seems like the Master of the Wallin Tower is not in a good situation either."

* * *

The Wallin Tower, located in the northeast of the continent.

Dolores, the Master of the Tower, was the first to hear the news about the Althea Order.

"Is this how it's going to happen?"

She had heard the same news as Reed and had planned to inform him first.

"Are you going to the Kalton Mountains?"

"What about it?"

When Dolores asked coldly, his secretary's face became cautious.

"Are you going to stop me?"

"I don't know if I should say the timing is odd... but an order has come from above."

"Above means..."

"The Master of the Sky Chamber Tower."

Hearing that, Dolores' fierce expression faltered.

The Master of the Sky Chamber Tower and the chairman, Helios.

He was like a captain to the Tower Masters, and Dolores regarded him as a teacher and a fatherly figure.

He does not control the people under him.

His near-obsessive cleanliness made him refrain from interfering in every little thing.

However, once he started controlling, absolute obedience was required.

'If the Master of the Sky Tower says so, my actions will only make things worse.'

It was always like that when he stepped up.

Starting to control meant that at least all towers could be in danger.

'Orcs are important, but I am a tower Master now.'

As a tower Master, she had to fulfill her duties.

That's why Dolores had no choice but to follow the order given by the Master of the Sky Tower.

* * *

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* * *

'But I can't betray those who trust me either.'

That's why Dolores concentrated her strength in the palm of her hand.

It was a bluebird made of mana.

'This should be undetectable.'

She put his message into it and sent it up into the sky.

The bluebird flapped its wings uneasily and flew into the sky.

Since it was a bird made with a small enough amount to be undetectable, there were problems with stability.

Now all she could do was pray that it would safely reach Larksper.

* * *

The residence of the Cliffrock Tribe in the Kalton Mountains. Now, after the expansion, it was the residence of the Unified Tribe.

Kaitlyn had made small improvements to their lifestyle, and the orcs were beginning to find compromises and settle their bloodlust in order to adapt to their new way of life.

Larksper, who had been meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.

'What is it?'

It seemed as if a sign of threat was flowing through the air.

It was always a place where danger lurked, but the danger was different from what he was used to.

'Is it just that my nerves are on edge?'

Having lived in danger, Larksper sometimes became unnecessarily sharp.

Most of the time, he could shake it off in his head, but this time it was different.


As Larksper raised his head, he saw a bluebird descending from the blue sky toward him.

He knew it was a message because Dolores, the great chieftain, had sent it to him several times before.

-Larksper. The Althea Order is watching the orcs. I don't think I can come to help you.

Power filled Larksper's eyes.

His foreboding intuition had been correct.

'Dolores is tied up.'

It was the most significant issue.

Just as they had unified the tribes and were about to achieve great things, this happened.

Larksper felt betrayed by the fact that Dolores couldn't come.

As a thinking creature, he couldn't help but feel bitter that she couldn't stand up for them.

'It's not the time to blame Dolores.'

She was originally human, the leader of the magicians and the tower Master, and had become the great chieftain unexpectedly.

She had tried to fulfill her responsibilities, and Larksper understood that.

'I need to find a solution.'

Larksper closed his eyes.

They needed someone who could exude charisma like Dolores since she couldn't come.

Was there such a person?



The only one who could exert absolute power in leading the tribe was the great chieftain.

'There's no time to hesitate.'

He didn't know when they would attack his tribe.

Larksper put strength in his eyes and stood up.

The weapons he had were a pair of axes from his time as a mercenary, and a spear.

"Brother Larksper, where are you going?"

Garum, the orc of the Cliffrock Tribe and Larksper's younger brother, asked Larksper, who was fully armed.

"I, Larksper, will go to catch the giant."

"The giant? Dolores has already been chosen, hasn't she? Are you thinking of becoming the new Baltan?"

Larksper approached Garum.

And he pressed his forehead against Garum's.

"Garum, my brother, we are the only ones who understand our brothers. Even if the goddess of wisdom and Dolores are human, they cannot guide us forever."

Larksper pulled his forehead away.

"This was something Larksper should have done originally."

A superhuman who understands their situation well.

A superhuman who will help them no matter what the situation.

The ragtag orcs needed such a superhuman.

Larksper moved his feet.

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