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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 85 Part 2

A temple that has become ruins.

Larksper entered and approached the guardian giant.

The guardian giant, who had been frozen like a statue, began to move as a yellow glow appeared in its eyes.

Recognizing Larksper, the guardian giant shouted.

-You are the orc warrior who came with my believer! What brings you here?

"My name is Larksper. I have come to challenge you again."


The guardian giant's forehead sparkled.

It felt unpleasant, as if it was scanning his entire body, unlike the glow in its eyes.

-It's still not enough. You're not ready.

The guardian giant shook its head and said.

-You are a curious warrior and adventurer. Moving for the understanding of your race will only make you hesitate.

"I may not know if that will make me hesitate. But one thing is for sure."

-What is it?

"My desire to challenge you."

Even if it's not allowed, he will not back down.

The atmosphere of the guardian giant, who had been looking down at him quietly, changed subtly.

-I've heard your determination, young one.

The guardian giant stood up from its seat.

The voice of the laughing old woman had turned cold, like that of a Grim Reaper.

Its yellow-eyed pupils turned red.

-Please, don't die.

The guardian giant attacked first.

Despite its seemingly slow body, it moved quickly and approached Larksper.

Larksper did not let his guard down.

Its movement was the same as the vicious giant that had killed his siblings when he was young.

The giant's abnormally large right arm slammed down onto the ground.


A stone weighing tons fell, causing the ground to shake violently.

As the vibration traveled up his legs, Larksper's legs lost their strength.

Larksper belatedly realized that the blow had been aimed at him.

As soon as he realized it, he saw the giant's huge right arm slamming down on his head.


If he didn't have teeth, he'd use his gums.

If his feet wouldn't move, he'd use his hands.

Using both arms, he flung his body away, escaping the range of the golem's attack.

He had to do anything to survive in the Kalton Mountains, where only the strong could survive, and such harsh conditions had helped Larksper.


Dust rose from where Larksper had been, and the dirt from the ceiling crumbled and fell.

-You have excellent skills.

The guardian giant spoke calmly, admiring Larksper and turning his body.

As Larksper's legs returned to normal, he picked up the axe on his hip.

'This opponent is different from the others I've faced.'

His double-edged axe and spear had always torn through the flesh of creatures.

This was a massive piece made entirely of stone.

There was no place to insert a blade, and he could only overcome it by breaking its stone body.

'It's useless.'

It was a moment when his well-maintained and sharpened blade was useless.

However, he had no intention of just complaining.

It was Larksper's, and the only weapon in the entire tribe that could counter the guardian giant.

Larksper searched for a way to win in such unfavorable conditions.

'The gem on its head...'

It had been glowing throughout the battle.

Larksper instinctively felt that attacking it would end the fight.

'But it's impossible.'

The size of the guardian giant exceeded 6 meters.

No matter how high he leaped, Larksper, whose effective range was 4 meters, had no means to touch the gem.

So, he looked for other weaknesses in the fight against the giant.


By chance, the blade of his axe went into the joint. The stone fragments flowing in the joint did not recover.

'The attack is working.'

A glimmer of hope appeared.

His hands holding the axe screamed with the tendons surging.

Larksper looked for another opportunity once more.

Larksper deliberately moved slowly, waiting for the guardian giant to make a big move.

'Second chance!'

At the end of his patience, a second opportunity came.

Swinging his right hand, he attacked once more between the visible joints.


However, it was Larksper's pained cry that burst out.

What struck Larksper's body was the giant's short left arm.

The guardian giant had seen through Larksper's intentions and deliberately put in a feint.

If Larksper aimed for the weak point, the guardian giant knew how to use it against him.

Larksper regained his posture.

'My ribs are dislocated.'

He could feel the ribs were battered as he touched them.

Although adrenaline lessened the pain, the previous mistake had caused significant damage.

His well-maintained stamina and health were gradually depleted, leaving him in a precarious situation.

'There's no room for even a single attack.'

The places where he could attack were limited, and he couldn't even land a valid hit unless he preempted it through a series of fights.

-Do you admit your own arrogance, young orc?

"What do you mean?"

The guardian giant asked.

For Larksper, it was a brief opportunity to recover.

-If you had prepared more, you might have fought equally with me. But you are still hesitating.


-Ask your soul. Is your reason for coming here and your determination unwavering?

At that question, Larksper's soul answered.

My curiosity is infinite.

He wanted to see the sea beyond the horizon, to fight against legends from various places, and to prove his abilities.

That was the answer of Larksper, who loved adventure and challenges.

When he won against the guardian giant, he hadn't thought about his responsibilities.

'I thought they would live well if united.'

He believed that the gears would move on their own and fulfill their roles, and he would throw away all responsibilities and tasks to move on to new challenges.

However, the world didn't work that simply.

Larksper realized this through the people he met.

He was just a child.

Only when he faced a situation where no one could help did he finally realize what it meant to be a great chieftain.

So, is your determination unwavering?

"The warrior, Larksper's wish is unwavering."

Larksper's finger pointed at the guardian giant.

"I will bring you down."

He pulled back his finger and poked his chest with his thumb.

"I will become Baltan." 

He held his axe.

"And I will lead our race."

The guardian giant knew that Larksper's words had changed the atmosphere.

But that was it.

As soon as he sensed the change, the guardian giant lost sight of Larksper in front of him.

He moved even faster than before, despite his injuries.

Where did he go?

Larksper was found on the guardian giant's enormous right arm.

He climbed up the giant arm, kicking off with great force.

The guardian giant tried to block Larksper's charge with his left fist.

That's when it happened.

As if he had been waiting for it, Larksper leaped.

Floating in the air, Larksper threw away the axe in his right hand and drew the spear from his back.

He aimed for the guardian giant's left arm joint.

He threw it with all his might.


The spear flew straight, cutting through the wind.


It lodged precisely into the joint.

While there was no concept of a fatal blow, it was enough to momentarily seal his movement.

As Larksper landed back on the giant's right arm, he leaped again with the recoil.

Larksper's body soared high into the sky.

He swung the tightly gripped axe behind his back.

His body curved like a bow with a powerful leap.

An unguarded, blunt strike.

He aimed for the yellow gem embedded in the guardian giant's forehead.

His falling body, guided by gravity, never took its eyes off the gem.

Larksper's roar echoed.

* * *

The quiet Kalton Mountains.

An impact wave with a clear epicenter burst, spreading throughout the entire mountain range.

It was not just a wind that shook the leaves and stirred up dust.

It was a soul-stirring wave that seemed to be felt by all living things.

Even the beasts fighting in the jungle instinctively turned their heads toward the shockwave.

All the orcs stopped what they were doing and stood up from their places.

Even the stubborn warrior who vowed not to follow anyone.

And the immature boy trying to escape the gaze of adults.

They all united and called out that name.


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