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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 92 Part 1

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Runes and Spirits (6)

Before sitting down, Reed asked her.

"How did the Tower Master of Wallin come here...?"

"I heard that some really good beef came in today. I wanted to try it at least once."

Dolores turned her head towards the Tower Master of Greenwood.

"Why didn't you invite me if you got some good beef?"

"Ah, well... There weren't that many servings, so I was planning to invite you next time..."

"Do you need that much for just the two of you?"

"Well, the delicious parts are limited..."

"We can share it together. Isn't it best to enjoy the taste of other parts as well?"

"That, that's true?"

Looking at her faltering, it was clear that the Tower Master of Greenwood was a big sister figure, but for some reason, she was flustered.

Dolores's aura was just too powerful.

She was holding back, but today she seemed like she was going to kill at least one person.

'What's with loving beef...?'

It was a blatant lie.

She wasn't a woman who loved meat so much that she would claim to have come here to kill beef with her eyes.

"I see."

However, he didn't want to point it out.

Knowing that it would be annoying if Dolores expressed her emotions.

Contrary to Reed, who wanted to quietly move on, Freesia couldn't help but point it out.

"Really? I didn't know our Wallin liked beef so much."

"I feel the same way. I never knew that the Tower Master of the Black Sky would enjoy beef."

"Don't you sometimes crave various things while living? My taste is like that of a young child."

Although he said that, Reed knew that Freesia wasn't just targeting the beef.

Seeing Dolores's expression making the Tower Master of Greenwood shrink, it was clear that she was angry about being invited to dinner.

'Then what about Freesia?'

She was a character who couldn't read the atmosphere, whether it was during the game or now, so he couldn't help but feel anxious.

Reed discreetly turned his head to look at the Tower Master of Greenwood.

She was smiling.

Her face was pale blue, and tears were trickling down.

'I don't think she's pitiful...'

Her flashy outfit and meticulously applied makeup.

She had deliberately prepared a short table so that they could be as close as possible.

If Dolores and Freesia hadn't come, Reed would have undoubtedly been seduced by the Tower Master of Greenwood, who had meticulously prepared everything from start to finish.

It served her right.

"But how long are you going to stand there? Do you want to be a waiter?"

"I was just about to sit down."

Freesia pulled the chair next to her over like a shadow, and tapped the chair.

"Let's have our Reed sit next to this sister~."


Sister, huh?

Would she want to say that to a man who is like her great-grandson in terms of age?

Reed obviously didn't want to sit next to her.

So, he made the biggest excuse he could think of.

"I'm sorry, Tower Master of the Black Sky. My daughter is still inexperienced at cutting steak, so I think I need to assist her."

Freesia's eyebrows furrowed as if she was looking up at a big child.

"Huh? Does it make sense that she doesn't know how to cut a steak at the age of 8?"

"But it's difficult."

When Freesia raised her eyebrow and scolded him, Rosaria looked at Freesia with a sullen face.

Unlike Freesia, Dolores smiled and took her side.

"I think it can be difficult. Then, Rosaria, you sit with the Tower Master. Tower Master of the Black Sky, you sit next to me?"

"You're telling me to get up now?"

Freesia raised her eyebrows.

There was no room for her to listen to her words, like a haughty queen.

"Then I'll go over there."

However, compared to Freesia, Dolores was more willing to move.

As Dolores sat next to her, Freesia glared at Rosaria with a displeased face.

The host, the Tower Master of Greenwood, was in the middle, with Freesia and Dolores sitting on the left, so Rosaria and Reed could sit on the right, which Dolores had vacated.

Just as he was about to sit down, facing Dolores, Rosaria pulled on his sleeve.

"I want to sit there."


"I want to eat with Dolores!"

"Alright then."

Since Dolores agreed, Reed gladly switched seats.

Dolores's face subtly contorted.

She tried hard to hide her disappointment, but Freesia noticed her expression and teased Dolores.

"It seems that you like having a sister on your side. It must be nice to be loved."

"I also like my disciple. Eating together is important in the master-disciple relationship."

She said, smiling at Rosaria.

Rosaria just smiled happily.

Soon after, the waiter who had been waiting outside the door came in, filled the empty glasses with water, and brought in the appetizer.

They whet their appetite with a small dish, and the real beef tour began.

"Today, the chef has tried his best to cook the beef so that you can taste each part, so please enjoy it slowly. Tower Masters, and Rosaria."

The Tower Master of Greenwood, who seemed to have given up by now, started the meal with a welcoming greeting to the uninvited guests, wearing a relaxed face.

The Tower Masters tasted a bite of the steak and exclaimed in admiration.

"As you said, the beef is really good. It's not too tough, it's savory, and moderately greasy."

"Hmm, I didn't have any expectations today, but it's quite good. I liked it too. If there's another good one, send one to the Black Sky later, got it?"

"Th-thank you, Tower Master of the Black Sky."

It's rare for Freesia to praise someone without being sarcastic.

The Tower Master of Greenwood couldn't help but be surprised at receiving a compliment for the first time.

"Is it delicious?"

"Yeah! It melts in my mouth."

"Where did you learn to say that?"

"When I ate snacks with Phoebe, she said that. It melts in my mouth!"

"I see, it does melt. But you should eat without getting the sauce on your lips."


Reed wiped Rosaria's lips with the edge of the napkin around his neck.

Rather than enjoying the food, Reed enjoyed the moment watching Rosaria eat.



Dolores and the Tower Master of Greenwood held their breath and stared intently at Reed.

Silver-colored hair with golden eyes.

A clear handsome face with a button nose and lips.

The faint smile on his face was as captivating as a moth to a flame.

On top of that, his kind personality, caring for a girl who wasn't even his biological daughter.


Reed felt the gaze on him and raised his head.

Dolores and the Tower Master of Greenwood began to pretend they weren't paying attention.

Freesia threw a straight ball without any concern for subtlety.

With a displeased face, she poked an empty plate with a fork.

The Tower Master of Greenwood, trying to change the atmosphere, cleared her throat and asked Reed.

"By the way, how did your daughter's contract go? She seems to be doing well."

"You went to the Yggdrasil territory to contract with a spirit, right? You helped the elves in the past, so I'm sure they helped you out."

Dolores and the Tower Master of Greenwood waited for Reed's answer.

At that, Freesia glanced at Reed, waiting for him to speak.

"I failed to contract with a high-ranking spirit."

Then, the Tower Masters were all shocked.

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