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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 92 Part 2

"You failed?"

"That's quite a shocking story."

Dolores and the Tower Master of Greenwood naturally thought that Rosaria would successfully complete a contract with a high-ranking spirit.

Of course, Reed had expected that too.

"Did the spirits say they didn't like something? I thought Rosaria would have a pretty good affinity with spirits..."

"It's not a good thing. Rather than the spirit not liking it, Rosaria rejected it."


"Yes. The spirit's personality didn't suit her."

A situation where someone is offered a contract because they like it, but the contractor rejects it because they don't like it.

Could that be possible?

It was a kind of culture shock for a magician.

'It's a good thing I didn't mention the Spirit King.'

If that had happened, they wouldn't have just been surprised, they would have said something to Rosaria.

"It was a bad spirit. So I didn't want to do it."

"A bad spirit...?"

Rosaria frowned as she spoke.

"So instead... No, no! It's nothing!"

Rosaria covered her mouth.

At that age, she was not yet accustomed to keeping secrets, as she tended to talk about everything.

"Instead? Is there something else?"

"Is there something else?"

Suddenly hiding it, they couldn't help but be curious.

Rosaria sneakily raised her head and looked at Reed.

It was a pleading look for help.

"Instead, she contracted with a Salamander. It's a fire spirit."


"With a low-ranking spirit?"

Dolores and the Tower Master of Greenwood raised their eyebrows.

Freesia asked, seemingly puzzled.

"You went all the way to make a contract with a high-ranking spirit, but you ended up with a low-ranking one? What was the point of going there?"

Her sharp words irritated Rosaria.

At that age, she was not only bad at keeping secrets but also sensitive to provocation.

"No! Our doggie can spit fire, water, and rocks!"

What if she said that outright?

At the moment when a slightly resentful emotion arose,


Freesia burst into laughter.

"Ha! Your imagination is certainly creative! Reed, is the education of magicians these days all about creativity? Is that the trend among nobles?"

Freesia didn't believe Rosaria's words.

Of course, the Tower Master of Greenwood and Dolores didn't take her words seriously either.

They had been educated that spirits have only one fixed ability.

'I couldn't even imagine it until I saw it myself.'

Rosaria, who had actually created such a thing, glared at the laughing Freesia with an annoyed expression.

However, thanks to her explanation, the Tower Masters' suspicions subsided.

"Well, it would be great to see it someday, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah! It would be really nice. If you bring that spirit, I'll stand on my hands for a whole month."


Rosaria asked.

Reed would have reflexively asked the same question.

Freesia chuckled and nodded her head.

"Yep. No matter how much I act like a spoiled child, I never break such ridiculous promises."


In an instant, Rosaria's sullen face turned confident.

She was expected to expose the existence of the doggie right away, but contrary to expectations, she kept her mouth shut.

One day, she would show it herself. It was a promise.

'She has a cunning side.'

In a situation where everyone already knew who the winner of the bet would be.

Reed imagined Freesia standing on her hands all day.

Freesia, with her slender hands supporting the ground.

The capricious queen, the eternal girl of the Black Sky, doing a handstand.

'It's the best.'

No doubt, there would be a moment when a smile naturally appeared while looking at Freesia.

* * *

After the long-course meal and some small talk, the night grew late.

Reed carried a drowsy Rosaria in his arms, put her to bed, and left the Tower of Greenwood.

Freesia had already left.

Dolores and Reed walked side by side, looking up at the stars.

"Are you going straight home?"

"I have to. What about you?"

"Me too. Where else would I go?"

They awkwardly shared their destinations and looked up at the stars once more.

"Do you really like beef?"

"Yes, I really like it a lot."

"Did you really come this time just for the beef?"


Dolores looked up at Reed.

She hated him so much for asking such a question.


She spitefully answered.

As if to say she didn't come because she was worried about him.

But no matter what she said, Reed knew she wasn't sincere.

"Next Sunday."

That's why Reed said to her.

"Let's have dinner together. Is that alright?"

Her resentment melted away and disappeared in an instant.

Dolores was secretly glad it was night.

Her blushing face wouldn't show.

"Is it separate from the trip?"

"It's separate. Just let me know when you're available for the trip, and I'll prepare."

"Then, can I drink alcohol at that time?"

"Do you want to show me a fun Dolores when you drink?"

"Do you hate it? Hmph, you must hate seeing me drunk. You just like me being a prim and boring lady, right? Fine, I'll live like that forever."

"No, that's not what I meant..."

"I know."

As Reed became flustered, Dolores smirked.

"I just wanted to see that expression on you. That's all."

She seemed so mischievous.

Reed sighed in relief.

"Be careful on your way back. With Rosaria."



Dolores spoke to him in a particularly heavy tone.

"You'll get hurt if you look away."


"I'm talking about driving. You have to be careful with the sky carriage."

"Ah, right."

"Get in."

Dolores got into her sky carriage.

Reed laid Rosaria down and sat in the sky carriage.

"Let's go."


The driver responded, and the sky carriage rose into the air.


Only then did Reed realize.

That he had a driver.

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