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Chapter 175 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Gold Vein War #3(7)

"Of course."

For Rockefeller, making the Goblin Dollar the common currency of the continent was not as difficult as one might think.

'First, you need to have gold, which serves as a store of value.'

And the ones who had the most gold on the continent were the Rothsmedici family and Rockefeller.

'Both the dwarves and goblins had a considerable amount, but the goblins had already failed in their investments, and if the dwarves lose in the Gold Vein War, they will never be able to beat us in gold reserves. That's because we will have the largest gold vein on the continent.'

"I can't explain everything here, but I think it's entirely possible if we use our gold reserves and the Goblin Bank."

The nobles began to buzz again.

"Can you tell us specifically what plans you have in mind?"

Rockefeller was sharp in answering that question.

"I cannot."

"You cannot?"

"Yes, this matter must be conducted in secrecy for my sake and for the empire's sake."

The nobles had expressions of incomprehension.

Why should such a thing be kept secret?

"I see."

But even the most powerful nobles had no choice but to accept Rockefeller's authority.

They wanted to ask questions, they were curious, they wanted to challenge him.

In the end, it was impossible.

"Understood. If that is the will of Lord Rockefeller, we will humbly accept."

As the meeting came to an end.

Rockefeller was summoned by the emperor.

'I know why he called me. He must be curious about what I said earlier.'

The nobles might be looking out for Rockefeller, but the emperor was not.

The emperor was determined to call Rockefeller and hear his thoughts.

In a private meeting with the emperor, Rockefeller had always been prepared.

"Your Majesty, you called for me?"

The emperor greeted Rockefeller without being too arrogant and informed him of the reason for the summons.

"I wanted to hear more about the conversation we had earlier, so I called you."

As Rockefeller's prediction proved accurate, he couldn't help but smile lightly.

"I see. I had a hunch. You were curious about it."

"You mentioned earlier that you would make the Goblin Dollar, which we are currently using, the common currency of the continent. Is that really possible?"

Rockefeller answered the emperor's straightforward question without hesitation.

'If it's something only the emperor knows, it's okay to tell him. He's going to be on our side anyway.'

Power and finance were inseparable in a mutually cooperative relationship.

That's why Rockefeller decided to answer the emperor's question sincerely.

"Yes, of course. As I mentioned earlier, it won't be easy, but it's not too difficult either. We have met some of the conditions anyway."

The emperor raised a question.

"Can you tell me?"

"Haha, don't worry. What would I hide from Your Majesty? Moreover, I am Your Majesty's only financial advisor. If you have any questions, I should always be there to answer them."

"Then can you tell me?"

"Yes, I will. First, for our Goblin Dollar to become the common currency of the continent, it must be widely used, as it is in the empire. Do you agree on this?"

"A currency must be widely used."

"Exactly. It must be widely used to become a common currency."

The Goblin Dollar was rapidly replacing the Dalant in the empire at a frightening speed.

This was partly because the Goblin Dollar could be exchanged for Dalant at any bank belonging to the guild, but also because the Goblin Dollar was essential for paying taxes in the empire, causing its rapid spread due to demand.

"There are two reasons why the Goblin Dollar has replaced the Dalant in our empire. What do you think they are, Your Majesty?"

"Trust and... necessity, I suppose."

"That's correct. You're absolutely right."

Rockefeller, with a pleasant smile, continued.

"Then, what do you think is needed for the Goblin Dollar to be used as the common currency of the continent, like in the empire?"

"Trust and necessity, I suppose."

"You're absolutely right. That's why I said it's possible."

The emperor was doubtful.

"Will the whole continent become similar to the empire?"

"What's impossible about that? Trust can be built somehow, and necessity can be created."

"Will that trust be built? I have doubts."

The Dalant, as far as the emperor knew, was not a gold coin trusted by the continent.

It was because the purity was lower than other gold coins due to the mixing of copper after the Flame War.

"As you know, our imperial Dalant contains copper, making it relatively less desirable than other gold coins. And isn't the Goblin Dollar backed by the Dalant?"

Rockefeller did not deny it.

"That's right. The Goblin Dollar is based on the Dalant. So it's true that its trust is lower than that of the Goblin Ducat when viewed across the entire continent."

"Given that situation, is it possible to establish trust in the Goblin Dollar outside the empire?"

Rockefeller's voice was resolute.

"Yes, it is possible."

"How is it possible?"

"First of all, if we abandon the Dalant and use the Ducat, it will be more than possible."

"Use the Ducat? So you're saying we should abandon the Dalant, which has been used in the empire for a long time?"

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