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Chapter 58 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter for reaching 100 members on discord server.

As Idea left the classroom, a chaotic atmosphere swirled among the students.

There was anxiety and worry, but above all, the overwhelming emotion was excitement.

It would be difficult for the students to calm their pounding hearts as they faced the race that had killed their families.


There were also students who were depressed.


Luna, who had sat down at my desk at some point, sighed.

"Are you worried?"

"Yeah, what if I freeze up like I did at the POW camp...." [T/N: POW: prisoner of war]

Luna seemed to still not have forgotten the memories of the POW camp.

She had been terrified and unable to face even a bound human.

With my help, she had barely passed the exercise, so it was natural for her to be worried since she hadn't completely overcome the psychological pressure.

Still, it wasn't good to see her trembling with a lack of confidence.

"You won't have to fight directly. Ms. Luna's ability is healing."

"Wh-what? You knew about my ability?"

"Yes, I saw you healing the injured students before."

"You saw that, huh? That's kind of embarrassing...."

"So please have confidence. It's not good to be so timid."

My words were reasonable.

If you're timid, you won't be able to do anything.

Rather than that, it was better to be arrogant and boastful.

Like Fron over there, acting all high and mighty....

"Hoho, the midterm exam's first place going to be mine."

"If it's Fron, it's possible!"

"Kill the class president! Finish him off!"

"But isn't it against the rules to kill or finish someone off?"

"Shut up."

Fron basked in the students' gazes, her nose in the air.

"Worship me...!"

I was about to tell Luna that it was better to be arrogant than to be scared like a mouse, but....

Thinking about it carefully, that didn't seem right.

The moment I looked at Fron and her group with cold, indifferent eyes.

Fron, who noticed my gaze, jumped up from her seat and shouted.

"President, you'd better be prepared this time. The midterm exam's first place belongs to me, so surrender obediently!"

"I will."

At the sudden surrender proposal, I nodded and added with a wide smile.

"If you can."


Realizing that I was ignoring her, Fron clenched her fists and trembled.

I smirked at the sight, but inwardly clicked my tongue.

‘Competing with students of the same year shouldn’t be the theme of this training.’

Invading the Imperial Academy.

If things went as I had described, the Class A students would not be able to avoid annihilation.

Thanks to Kyle’s espionage, all of Sytan’s invasion routes had been exposed, and the students of the Imperial Academy were very strong.

But there was hope.

‘I’ve twisted several pasts, so it’s not completely hopeless.’

I forced Kyle to leak false information to the Imperial Academy.

The Imperial Academy would not know Sytan’s invasion route.

Moreover, I made sure that Luna, Sytan’s only healer, would not be expelled from Orgon’s training.

‘……And countless others.’

I also gave Rene an artifact.

Finally, there was the existence of the strongest villain, ‘me’.

I had accomplished things that far surpassed my abilities.

So, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see the results.

It would be nearly impossible to destroy the Imperial Academy right now.

But I wondered if I could save the students of Sytan who had been defeated and killed in the original story.

The goal of the midterm exam was survival.

And good grades.

To get another chance to enter Sytan’s armory like I did during the entrance exam.

The reward might be different this time, but it definitely wouldn’t be any lower than that.

I had to do my best.

Even for the sake of survival.

* * *

Two days passed.

The day before the midterm exam, I met her in the training room.

“Long time no see.”

“Yes. It feels like it’s been months since I last saw you.”

“Right, because you’ve been avoiding me.”


Rene’s face turned cold and expressionless, and I shut my mouth.

Because I was guilty…….

Up until now, I had always avoided or made excuses whenever Rene asked me to train with her.

Of course, I had my reasons for avoiding Rene.

I also had to practice my Stealth skill, and I had a lot of other things to do…….

But most of all.

“Hello? My name is Diana.”


It was because of the white-haired woman who had come to greet me.

White hair and soft, curved eyes that held a strange charm, and a beauty mark on her right eye.

My throat tightened.

Is this woman from the Lust family, not Fron?

As I stared at her without a word, she let out a sigh.

"Are you not going to greet me? I'll be a little disappointed if you don't."

“……Pixie Adel. It is an honor to meet your noble lineage."

As I bowed my head in greeting, she burst into laughter as if something was funny.

She was Diana, the woman who would become the Demon King.

There were countless grudges between the blood of Arsene and the blood of the Demon King, so I avoided Rene, who had started to follow Diana around.

In the end, it came to this.

Rene stared at me coldly and opened her mouth.

"Tell me why."

“……What do you mean."

"Why did you avoid me and then suddenly request a duel?"


I kept silent for a moment at the spiteful voice.

In fact, I couldn't reveal the fact that I was of the Arsene bloodline, so I came up with the best lie I could and started acting.

"I apologize."

"For what."

"As your escort, I failed to take care of you because of personal matters. I have no idea how much you suffered."

"Don't give me that Cerberus crap."

"That's harsh…….”

I even pretended to wipe away tears, but Rene remained cold.

Damn it.

Is this really the only way?

"Really. I'm so sorry. I even brought you a present. Would you like to see it?"

“……What is it."

Rene's expression seemed to soften a little at the word "present."

People are generally weak to gifts.

But if the gift is not there, it will backfire.

And this situation was within my expectations.


I rummaged through my arms and pulled out an intermediate mana potion that I had prepared in advance.

"It's a mana potion. Are you going to give it to Rene as a present?"

Diana asked, looking at the potion.

"Yes, I had a hard time getting it."

"I heard that mana potions have been hard to come by since the war. Rene, take this and calm down. Okay?"

Coo coo-.

Diana laughed and poked Rene's right cheek.

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