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Chapter 63 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

As I was assigned a seat, Fron, who had been standing behind me, stuck her head out.

“Where’s my seat?”

“……Hold on! You haven’t been recognized yet.”

Guwar spoke spitefully to Fron, but Fron wasn’t the type to listen to such words.

“Consider it an honor that I’m sitting right next to you.”

“……Are you being foolish?”

Fron patted the empty seat as she sat down.

I sighed once and walked toward the seat.

When I sat down like that.

“Let’s start the meeting now.”

The principal opened her mouth, and the main topic began in earnest.

“There’s only one reason I gathered you here, and that’s for the assignment.”

I listened to the principal’s words and raised my hand to ask a question.

“I heard that you’re going to divide each region of the human world and invade it, but I’m curious about where exactly the dividing line is and how it’s divided.”

“Hmm, it’s better to see it in person than to talk about it.”


The principal raised a square hologram over her hand.

It wasn’t made of electricity like the ones in modern times, but it was made of the principal’s magic.

Soon after-.

A picture began to fill the transparent window.

“Do you know what this is?”

The principal tilted her head at me with a gentle smile.

She looked like a child who was only in elementary school, but her speech was full of experience.

‘It’ll take time to adapt.’

I chewed on the principal’s words and looked closely at the picture that appeared before my eyes.

This is…….

“A map.”

It was Rene, who was looking at the picture with me, who uttered the word.

The principal nodded slightly and asked for more answers.

“That’s right. But you all know that it’s not an ordinary map, right?”

This time, I answered.

“It’s a map of the human world.”

“Hoho, you’re a smart kid.”

“……You flatter me.”

I shook with humility, but I was engrossed in examining the map of the human realm.

A picture with a total of six regions divided around a large landmass, is closely attached.

This was the ‘continent’ of the human realm.

The principal pointed at the large landmass that was the furthest from the center.

The outskirts of the continent.

The words ‘Imperial Academy’ were written there.

“I wanted Class A to attack this place, but it seems I underestimated the class president. I’ll have to give you something a little more difficult.”


I couldn’t help but be bewildered.

Conquering the Imperial Academy would be the most difficult task in the entire human realm.

As I made an expression asking for an explanation, the principal opened his mouth.

“According to the information our spy sent, it seems that one of the first-year classes in the human realm is having an outdoor lesson to conquer a Secret Realm.”


I let out a short groan.

Only then did I understand why the principal had said that attacking the Imperial Academy would be the easiest.


The principal thought that the first years of the Imperial Academy would be the weakest.

And if they only attacked ‘one class’ that was far away from the school, it would be even easier.

The main scenario of the Imperial Academy was just beginning now.

It was inevitable that the spy would judge the first-years, who hadn’t shown their abilities yet, to be the weakest.


‘……The protagonist’s party has already far surpassed the Seven Deadly Sins’ children.’

This would be revealed when the Imperial Academy held a grade competition.

The grade competition was an episode that would only happen after the midterms.

It was an unfortunate incident that happened because the protagonist’s party hadn’t shown their true strength yet.

“So I’d like to leave this operation to another class. How about Class A takes care of a different region?”

The principal spoke to me with a gentle smile.

Then Fron suddenly stood up from his seat and shouted.

“Those measly pyramids aren’t even worth fighting! Our Class A will attack the capital!”


I kept silent for a moment.

Because it wasn’t something I could decide on easily.

And Fron’s argument was even more absurd.


Which place should I choose to yield the best results?

And how can I convince them?

I pondered and pondered again.

The region our class should go to.

No matter how much I thought about it, this place was perfect.

Having finished my thoughts, I opened my mouth.

"Our class will……"

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