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Chapter 64 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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“Our class will attack one of the first-year classes of the Imperial Academy.”

As soon as I finished speaking, the atmosphere in the conference room became heavy.

What broke the silence was Guwar’s mocking laughter.

“Heh, so a half-breed is a half-breed, huh? You’re scared of humans and you’re running away.”

I sighed at his words.

It was true that I was afraid of humans, just as he said.


“I’m not afraid of fighting you, so please be quiet.”

I didn’t want to hear such words from a loser.

When I glared at him coldly, Guwar stood up as if he was angry.

That moment.

“Stop it.”

The principal herself stepped forward and stopped the confrontation between Guwar and me.

“……We’ll see.”

Guwar couldn’t disobey even the principal’s words, so he sat back down.

I also kept my mouth shut because I wanted to avoid a meaningless fight.

Then the principal asked me a question.

“Why did you choose an easy area? I thought you would say that you would invade the capital.”

The principal’s question.

I noticed that it contained the meaning of testing my ability.

She must be trying to find out if I really chose the easy task because I was afraid of humans.

I need to answer carefully.

I thought for a moment and chose my answer.

‘These people here don’t seem to know, but if you consider the difficulty, it’s harder to attack the students of the Imperial Academy than to invade the capital.’

And among the students we will be attacking, there is one of the protagonist’s companions.

The people in the conference room don’t know that fact, so they’re talking about how easy it is.

On the other hand, if we were to choose another area or the capital, at least the students of Sytan would be able to cooperate and set a target that they could win against.

This is proven by the original content, where the children of the Seven Deadly Sins, except for Class A, returned alive from the midterm exam and eventually met their death at the hands of the children of the Six Families.


‘If I choose not to attack the students of the Imperial Academy.’

Any class, except for Baltan and Diana’s classes, would not be able to escape death.

My choice to attack the Imperial Academy was no different from saving them.

‘Of course, that doesn’t matter.’

There was another reason why I took the risk and chose the Imperial Academy.

‘There’s an elixir there, so I have no choice but to go even if it’s dangerous.’

That’s where the students of the Imperial Academy were taking their practical exams.

The elixir would be given to the student with the best score on that exam.

Originally, one of the protagonist’s party members would consume that elixir.

‘I have to eat it no matter what.’

Lately, I’ve been feeling a severe shortage of mana.

I had to solve that problem, so I chose the difficult path.

Of course, it wasn’t impossible to obtain the elixir elsewhere in the human realm.

But it would be impossible to take time out during the midterm exams.

Well, for now, it’s important to be assigned to that area, so let’s come up with a reason that the Principal will accept.

After some time had passed.

I opened my mouth.

“It’s because of my specialized ability.”

“Tell me more.”

“Yes, first of all, I have an incredible talent for assassination. However, there’s no reason to choose a noisy method that isn’t my specialty.”


The Principal nodded as if my story was interesting.

“It’s exactly what I said. Except for the place where the students of the Imperial Academy are, the places that Sytan will attack are mostly cities and even downtown areas, so there’s bound to be a risk in terms of assassination.”

What I meant was, is it possible to lead dozens of people in a city and ‘assassinate’?

“……Of course, if you kill all the witnesses, you could call it an assassination.”

When I spoke with a hint of humor, the principal raised the corners of her mouth as if amused.

“Excellent, you already have some knowledge of the geography of the human world. Am I right?”

‘As expected.’

I knew the principal would notice the extraordinary things I was deliberately showing here.

The fact that I had figured out where the densely populated areas were without the principal giving any explanation about the map.

The principal continued speaking with a look of admiration.

“There’s no reason to stop you from choosing a region where you can make the most of your strengths. Class A will be in charge of the first-year students of the Imperial Academy.”

“Thank you.”

I bowed my head slightly to show my gratitude when the principal expressed her acceptance.

It wasn’t a topic worth arguing about and wasting time on in the first place.

“We’ll be going first. We need to inform the class about this.”

I responded quickly in case the principal changed her mind.

The principal didn’t say anything else, perhaps because she had no reason to keep me.

She simply added a few more words.

“Do that. Oh, and make sure to attend the assembly tomorrow.”


I nodded once and glanced at Fron.


Fron was blinking as if she didn’t understand the situation so far.

I gestured towards her.

“Let’s go.”

“Hoo… Let’s do that.”

Fron and I left the conference room as quickly as lightning, sweeping through it like a storm.

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