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Chapter 64 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Right after Fron and Adel left.


Aeron whistled.

His gaze, unusually, was directed towards the spot where Adel had been.

Even Aeron, who found everything bothersome and felt languid, couldn’t help but be interested in the half-demon named Adel.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he? You said he was the Bares family’s escort? You did well to pick him up.”

Aeron’s gaze turned to Rene.

But Rene didn’t answer and just frowned.

She was busy replaying the martial prowess Adel had shown.

What Adel had shown was definitely,

‘……Sword Lacquer.’

How did he do it?

Rene’s mind was in complete chaos.

Wasn’t it just a while ago that Adel couldn’t even activate Sword Lacquer?

But now, all of a sudden….

Rene suspected that Adel had been hiding his strength from her.

It wasn’t impossible.

‘…Adel has always been good at hiding things.’

He had hidden his position as a priest, and this time, he had hidden his martial power.


Rene slightly narrowed her brow at the feeling that had been pricking at her chest like a needle since earlier.

What was this pain?

It wasn’t as painful as being cut by a knife, but it was a gradually stinging sensation.

It was while Rene was groaning from the unknown pain.

“Hmph, he talked big, but in the end, he’s saying he’ll take on a role where he can fight dirty because he thinks he’ll lose if he fights fair and square?”

Guwar snorted, looking displeased.

At that, Aeron laughed as if he was amused.

“You lost to such a cowardly guy.”

“That’s because that guy attacked me by surprise……!”

Guwar tried to retort to Aeron’s words, but,

“Losers don’t get a say.”


Even Baltan, the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins, mocked him, so he had no choice but to shut his mouth.

Baltan, who had silenced Guwar with just a single word, muttered as he leaned back in his chair.

“By the way, he was only a little strong during the entrance exam…… He’s growing incredibly fast.”

At that time, Baltan had determined that Adel was a talented cadet.

He was definitely not more or less than that.

That’s why he was only slightly interested……

“This makes me want to fight him.”

Now, his evaluation had completely changed.

It didn’t take long for Baltan’s feelings towards Adel to change from interest to rivalry.

Baltan licked his lips, feeling the urge to kick the conference room door open and face Adel with his sword right now.

In just over thirty minutes,

Adel had successfully captured the interest of everyone present.

……Even though it wasn’t Adel’s intention, the result wasn’t bad.

Because everyone had imprinted Adel’s existence as a ‘strong person’ in their minds.


‘Now I understand why Instructor Ares told me to be wary of Adel.’

Among those who were interested in Adel was also the Principal.

In fact, the principal hadn’t had high expectations for Adel.

‘The child that Ares is wary of.’

‘Other than that, he’s inferior to the children of the Seven Deadly Sins.’

In the principal’s mind, Adel was recognized as just that much.


Contrary to expectations, Adel had won against Guwar.

‘A child who is only a half-Demon defeating a child of the Seven Deadly Sins is a story worth bragging about.’

However, Adel didn’t become arrogant.

He simply acted calmly as if it was natural to have defeated Guwar.

Even after that, he showed a cautious side that was unlike a student.

If Adel had been a hot-blooded student, he would have tried to choose a difficult area, overestimating his abilities.

However, he designated the area where he could be most effective.

The principal liked that very much.

‘A child with extraordinary judgment and ability.’

A bud that was too precious to be cast out just because of Ares’ warning.

In fact, it was now ambiguous to call him a bud.

How could one compare a stem that was about to bear fruit to a bud?

‘It doesn’t seem bad to help him bear fruit.’

Who knows?

Perhaps she could raise an outstanding hunting dog like the ‘Arsene’ family of the human world.

If she could tame Adel, he would surely be a great asset to the Demon Realm.

Come to think of it, the two of them were in quite similar situations.

‘Adel is a descendant of the Pixie family.’

The Pixie family was exterminated during the Great War between Humans and Demons, and Adel, the last survivor, took refuge in the Bares family.

Similarly, the Arsene family was also exterminated shortly after the Great War between Humans and Demons.

I heard that one survivor remained, but he was also killed by the six families of the human world.

The reason the principal knew this was because Peltz had submitted a false report.

In the end, Peltz had missed Adel.

However, going to the Demon Realm as an Arsene was no different from committing suicide.

That was why Peltz reported to his superiors that Adel was dead, and the distorted intelligence even reached Lucian.

‘I understand the minds of those human bastards.’

The reason the humans endlessly kept the Arsene family in check was,

Because they judged that they could not tame Arsene.

And that applied to the current situation as well.

‘If he cannot be tamed…’

The principal’s eyes momentarily filled with killing intent.

Then, what would happen?

A twisted smile bloomed on Lucian’s face.

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