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Chapter 93 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Ares was not the only instructor who was looking forward to the battle video of Class C.

All the instructors were.

After Baltan, the only student they had high expectations for was Diana.

Not long after, Diana's video was released.

Ares, who had been watching the video, let out a sigh of admiration.

"As expected of the descendant of the Seven Deadly Sins, even the daughter of Bares is no pushover."

"She may not be as good as Baltan, but her achievements are still remarkable. She can already handle the Sword Lacquer freely."

"I remember her being unstable not too long ago, but she must have grown a lot in the meantime."

In the beginning, it was not Diana who stood out, but Rene.

Class C's target was the tower master of a magic tower that wasn't particularly strong.

He was a powerhouse who had reached the 5th Circle.

It was a magic tower that used lightning-based magic, and Rene displayed incredible martial prowess against the tower master's direct subordinates.

Idea smacked her lips in regret as she watched his graceful movements.

"She can easily handle up to 4th circle mages. But I'm not sure if she can defeat the 5th circle tower master..."

"She's still a long way from that. But the strongest student in Class C isn't Rene, it's Diana."

"Ah, then it's possible. If Diana and Rene join forces, they can defeat even a 5th circle tower master."

The target, the tower master, was a 5th circle powerhouse who had mastered offensive magic.

Neither Rene nor Diana could defeat him alone, but if they joined forces, they would surely be able to win.

Moreover, the two of them were on good terms, which gave Ares hope for good teamwork.

And just before the remaining mages were defeated, the tower master appeared.

The instructors judged that Rene and Diana could defeat the tower master if they joined forces.


"Wait, that's not a 5th circle mage, is it?"

"...Did he ascend to the 6th circle?"

It was not unusual since a few more days had passed since they had received the information about the Tower Lord.

5th Circle human mages often achieved a sudden rise in their realm at any given moment.

There were cases during the Human-Demon War when humans had suddenly risen in their realm and turned the tide of the war.

That was why he knew it couldn’t be helped, but it wasn’t easy to suppress the tension that was trembling at his fingertips.

Just then.

“It’s starting.”

An instructor opened his mouth.

And then the Magic Tower Lord’s intense electric current poured down on the Class C students.

It was a life or death situation.

At that moment.

Diana walked forward and began to stretch out her hands.

Drops of blood dripping down came into view.

It was the circlet, the sealing device that locked Diana’s power, trying to squeeze her head and prevent her from using her power.

But Diana ignored the pain and moved forward.


The body of the Six Circle Magician collapsed.

Not just collapsing, but his flesh rotted and crumbled, transforming into a mummy-like figure and falling apart.

Not only the Magic Tower Lord, but all the human magicians in the vicinity met such a miserable death.

When the video ended, it was none other than Robolt who let out a gasp of astonishment.

“……At that level, there’s only one student who can compare to her in terms of magical talent.”

"The descendant of Gluttony?"

Ares asked at Robolt’s words.

But Robolt shook his head at the question.

It meant that there was another student comparable to Diana’s magical talent besides Samuel.

“We’ll be playing that child’s video soon, so watch it more closely.”

“I will.”

The instructors were curious about who Robolt was talking about, but they didn’t pry any further.

Because the video of Class B, which Guwar was already the captain of, began to play.

“He’s excellent.”

The first words Idea uttered after taking in all of Guwar’s video.

The other instructors also agreed with Idea’s opinion.

“I feel the same way. But it’s a shame that he’s overshadowed by the previous students who were too outstanding.”

“Even so, he wasn’t bad. The way he tries to handle the students in a coercive manner may not be seen favorably, but such a commander is also necessary. Because it’s impossible to lead soldiers by just coaxing and flattering them.”

“Hmm, certainly.”

Idea was an instructor who mainly taught tactics, so she pointed out Guwar’s strengths.

It would be difficult to expect a gentle charisma from Guwar’s personality, but he had the ability to handle the students in moderation.

This was a big plus as a commander.

"I want to give him a pretty high score. While other monitors defeated their targets with their own strength, this one really deserved the word 'war.' Well, his skills are inferior to Diana and Baltan..."

"I also find that part lacking. If it were a different year, I would have given him the highest score, but the presidents of this year's groups are hard to judge by ordinary standards."

“……I have nothing to say about that part.”

The instructors’ shared opinions.

Guwar’s leadership was fine, but his demonstrated force was regrettable.

That was why Guwar could not help but receive a rather regrettable score in this midterm exam compared to his achievements.

Like that, the evaluations from E class to B class ended, and the only class left unevaluated was A class.

Ares spoke to Idea.

“It’s finally your class’s turn.”

“……Something feels scary.”

“You’ll know once you see it.”


Idea stared at the video of A class that had begun to be revealed with a restless heart.

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