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Chapter 93 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Unexpectedly, too many students had died and been injured.

The test was clearly just to kill an instructor of the Imperial Institute.

Moreover, the target was a magician who had only reached the 5th Circle realm.

So Idea had expected none of the students to die and return alive.


‘……Four of them died.’

Idea could not lift her head at all with a complicated heart.

It was not a sense of shame rising because the students she was in charge of were weaker than the students of other classes.

The emotion Idea felt.

It was a kind of guilt.

Guilt from having driven the students to their deaths.

Furthermore, because she could not even see their corpses, the guilt crushing Idea’s chest was growing even larger.

‘If they’re untalented students, then abandon them?’

Nausea churned as she recalled the words she had said before.

She was also a Demon.

Was it possible for her not to have developed feelings for the students who had followed her around for several long months, calling her their instructor?

She had simply realized that it was right to make the best judgment realistically and had uttered those words.

However, she had learned that it was not right.

Who would dare force a sacrifice on students who had not even passed their coming-of-age ceremony yet?

All Idea could do was to raise the students of Sytan strongly so that such a thing would not happen in the next generation.

While she was lost in thought.

“It’s begun.”

Adel began to move.

And the magnificent sight of the ‘Imperial Academy’ that appeared caused the instructors of Sytan to sigh.

They had heard about it through information, but they hadn’t expected it to be of this level.

“……It’s certainly impressive. Is this the greatest institution for fostering talent in the human realm?”

“Our Sytan is no pushover either!”


At Ares’s words, Idea glanced at Lucian, the founder and headmaster of Sytan.

But Ares couldn’t help but snort inwardly.

They had floated an island in the sky that was even larger than Sytan, so it wasn’t easy to agree with such words after seeing that.

There was no instructor here who didn't know that the human world's technology far surpassed that of the demon world.

That was why all the instructors could do was cough awkwardly with uncomfortable expressions.


The instructors turned their attention back to Adel's video.

He was moving quickly, following the map that Idea had given him.

The place Adel and the Class A students were heading towards was the artificial secret realm, their destination.

Ares had Samuel watch Adel, who had his hand on the gate, and tilted his head.

“What is he trying to do now?”

“It seems like he’s trying to enter the Secret Realm.”

“I’m not asking because I don’t know that. There’s nothing good that will come from entering the Secret Realm.”

Ares’s words were reasonable.

If they entered the Secret Realm, they would end up destroying the traps meant for the human students who would enter soon after.

The most orthodox method would be to ambush the human students who were exhausted after falling for the traps.

Ares’s doubts were further amplified by Adel’s actions that followed soon after.

“It’s a fork in the road. But where is that guy going?”

Among the countless forks in the road, Adel moved towards a wall.

There was no path there.

That’s why Ares opened his mouth with a snort.

"Not only are his eyes small, but he can't even see in front of him?"

“Wow, I didn’t know that you were the type of senior who would look down on someone’s appearance. You really are a terrible adult. I’m disappointed!”

“……It was just a joke.”

Ares coughed awkwardly and took back his words.

Ares tended to be sensitive when it came to that Adel guy.

Just as Ares turned his head back to the video.


A secret passage opened.

Adel and the students entered the secret passage and reached the end of the secret realm in an instant without triggering any traps.

Then, they emptied the treasure chest at the destination and walked out with only the artifact.

Ares opened his mouth at the sight.

“How does a mere student know information that even spies don’t know?”

"I wonder. It's certainly good that he tricked the humans."

Ares watched Adel drinking water from the water bottle he had obtained in the secret realm and narrowed his eyes thinly.

The suspicion that he might be a spy from the human world arose.

Just then.

“I think he has an ability related to senses.”

Robolt opened his mouth.

Ares and Idea’s gazes turned towards Robolt at that.


“Yes, Student Adel has quite excellent senses. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to find a hidden path in a secret realm of this level of difficulty. Perhaps he might have used magic related to senses.”


Ares fell into thought because Robolt’s words were reasonable.

There were several dubious parts to saying that Adel was a spy from the human world.

The biggest one was that the Barres family vouched for his identity, but would Barres, who represented the Demon Realm and had suffered great damage because of humans, protect a spy from the human world?

That was why it was more correct to assume that Adel possessed the ability of senses.


‘To find a secret passage that easily in a secret realm with the ability of senses…….’

There was something lacking in explaining that he had found it with just excellent senses.

Rather than possessing magical abilities related to senses, it would be better to say that he had an excellent ‘talent.’

‘Just what is his true identity?’


Ares muttered those two words inwardly.

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